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Griffin's Rage(Talone's transformation) Large
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Griffin's Rage(Talone's transformation)

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Griffin's Rage(Talone's transformation) Empty Griffin's Rage(Talone's transformation)

Post by DahliaBlackwood Wed Sep 22, 2010 9:35 pm

Name: Griffin's Rage

Appearance: talone takes the shape of a feline like griffin. Stands 9 ft tall from the top of the head to her front paws. Her body is the slim form of a panther with the tail of a lion. Her fur is tan with brown stripes down her back and tail. Her wings span 15 ft wing tip to wing tip. Her scared areas can be seen due to having no fur on them. Her damaged eye can be clearly seen as well. Her hind feet are that of a tree toed bird. She has arm warmers on all four feet along with her vest and tube top. Her fur is fluffed out in a way to shoe her anger and power.

Strength: due to it feeding off of anger pent up in her body it is extremely strong. Most of her power is focused on close range attacks and running at high speeds.

Stamina: lasts 7 posts.

Affinities: physical attack strength is 4x stronger due to having the body be that of a giant muscle. Her land speed has doubled and if she charges at her opponent, be prepared to be on the ground in seconds.

Weaknesses: her flight speed had decreased due to the extra weight. She is unable to turn quickly focusing her speed mainly going in a straight line.

History: most MaloGriffs gain the ability to turn into griffins at the age of 21.  Some, though rarely, gain this power early by a traumatizing event. Talone gained it as a rage powered transformation on the day she was attacked by the Crawbear. Her temper became shorter and just the slightest flare of her temper would send her rampaging through the camp of her flock. They trained her to take better control of it, but desided to supress her rage with a drug since she was only 16 when she gained such a strong power.  The drug was powerful enough to allow her power to remain dormant until now with her no longer being with her flock. She can still supress her rage but once she flies into it she has no memory of what happened.  

Griffin's Rage(Talone's transformation) Image-1

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Griffin's Rage(Talone's transformation) Empty Re: Griffin's Rage(Talone's transformation)

Post by Kuja Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:14 pm


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