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Número Décimo

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Número Décimo

Post by Décimo on Thu Apr 08, 2010 6:21 pm

Name: Décimo. Real name unknown.

Gender: Male.

Age: Around 15.

Race: Half Human, Half Shadow. (I'll explain what a Shadow is. Don't confuse with a Heartless)

Home World: He lived in Earth. Now, in Traverse Town.

Appearance: He is tall and has blond hair and brown eyes. His skin is white yet with some little burning marks thanks to his training. His usual clothes are the jacket of his school uniform, which he really likes. A normal red jacket, a black T-shirt. Some blue jeans and finally a pair of black shoes. He hides his gun under his jacket, yet he carries his sword in his back at the view of everyone. Yet, most people think it's not real and it is just for show. Sorry, but other thank that, there's not really much I can say of his appearance.

Personality: Décimo is a quiet guy. When he is around strangers, he doesn't talks a lot, mostly always giving short answers and barely giving his own opinions about subjects. He likes to think and hear more than talking. He always hides his true emotions with people that he doesn't get to trust too much, always seeming to be in a normal mood. Yet when he is around friends or people that know him very well, is easier. He can start making different kind of theories and even prove to be more inteligent than he should. He opens himself just to certain people, and those people understands his feelings. Many times he might be passing through psychological problems, caused by the many things he had seen in his short life.

Elemental Mastery:
Primary: Light.
Secondary: Darkness.
Tertiary: Fire.

Weapons: He likes to use the combination of guns and swords made specially for himself.

Fighting Style: He manages to do quiet good with both long and short ranged battle. His main weapons are a gun and a sword that are also capable of performing many combos. His feet and arms are strong, so he moves fast and makes many, probably unecesary, movements to perform stylish attacks.

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Affinities: From the outside he is just a normal teenager. Notmuch muscles, and there is nothing that may hint his real strength. Yet he holds a certain strange power in the inside. He has the power to control the energy of his soul to his advantage. The enegy of the soul in a human is always going through the body, but humans don't feel it and don't have control over it, therefor, they can't use it, not even with training. Yet for special circumstances, Décimo gained the ability to use it. With the energy of his soul, he can strengthen the parts of his body so, if he wants to block an attack for example, can make the damage a lot less, and if he wants to make a blow with his punches, he can show much more strength than the average. This also allows him to enforce his legs with the energy of the soul, so he can move and jump a lot more than a normal human could. When the energy of the soul is outside the body, it takes the form of a dark flame. This dark flame serves the same porpuse as magic would serve a wizard: It can help him to do many things other's can. Communication, hostile and deffensive techniques, tracking, are some of them. His weapons can also transfer this power from his body to their metal.

Weaknesses: Above was told about the energy of the soul, yet it must be noted that the energy is not unlimited. Each soul has it's own amount of energy, that is replendished when the user rests a good while. Yet, if too much energy is used in a short time, this can deal to a several internal injury from his part and even dead. Also, this power depends too much on the balance of the soul. As Décimo always remains calm, he is perfect for this. But if for some reason he gets extremely angry, the power can get out of control, destroying him and destroying the people around him. That's why, it's pretty dangerous to use this power too much. Personality wise, is hard for him to make new friends if they are not in special circumstances, so he is rather lonely many times.


Décimo was, at first, a normal guy with a normal life in Earth. He had many dreams and people that cared about him, and that made him somehow happy. Yet, since he was a child, he has been always interested in things that are out of common. Like, mysterious creatures, UFOs, haunted houses, ghosts, spirits, magical powers, espers, aliens, the possibility of time-travelers, and so on. Everything that was interesting in that way, was something good for him. Though he never really met anything like that, which made him a tad sad.

One day he was walking from school to home, after classes finished. It was one of those days that he didn't want to arrive too soon, because of the many homeworks and things that were going to stress him quiet a lot. Like many other days, he took an alternate route that would take a lot more longer to arrive. During the walk, he started to feel tired thanks to the godamn excesive weight on his backpack, so he sat down and tried to eat some chocolate he had at hand to gain more energy. Something he wasn't expecting to see appeared before him.

A large creature, about 3 meters long. The skin looked metalic, with several black stones inside. It was walking on four feet, yet it didn't look like any kind of dog. The most scary things about that creature where it's head and feet. Each foot had three fangs on it, around 50 cms long and really wide. It's head was a round circle, with two dark holes that could replace the eyes, and one straight line instead of a mouth.

The creature looked at him, and for no apparent reason, it attacked the guy. The attack was fast, but he managed to avoid it by moving away. He was no hero, so he decided to run away instead of suffering a death against a creature that he didn't know and didn't want to know. Yet the creature was a lot more fast than him, and in a matter of seconds he was almost at his neck. The creature jumped at his head with the intention of riping it off, but the man ducked and again, avoided. He started to run to the opposite side, but the scene was repeated. Yet this time, when he ducked, the creature hadn's jumped, but hit it's head against the man's stomach. This sent him against a wall, with his muscles not functioning and without the energy to keep escaping. The creature approached him slowly, and it was about to deal a finishing blow by stabing it's three giant fangs in the man's body. A loud sound was heard.

The man believed he was dead, but when he opened his eyes he saw a hole on the creature's neck. He heard a voice saying: "Hey! Can you move? Then get out of there quickly!" He obeyed and, regaining his strength, got far from the beast that had been inmovilized by the fatal blow.

His savior was a man wearing a grey jacket and with blond hair, in his hands a gun that had probably been the one that shot. Later, he learnt that the name of this man was Tercero (Which means Third). He immideately knew it was a codename, but he never knew this man's true name. The creature was still alive and kept a barrage of attacks against the new opponent, but he was faster and stronger. By using a power that no human being could gain, he quickly defeated the creature.

He asked if the man that was attacked was alright. He said "Yes", and soon he found himself being explained that his memories were going to be deleted so he couldn't remember anything from these events. That they were going to make something up so he could wake up normaly in a hospital. The man that was attacked simply accepted all of this. As his memories were going to be deleted, there was no need for him to keep wondering what the hell happened. A dark flame appeared in the hand of Tercero, but when it was about to touch his forehead, another voice was heard.

"Tercero! There are other two!" The voice of a girl. That girl would be known soon as Novena (Which means Ninth). Tercero immideately turned around to see two more of these creatures approaching from different sides. The girl, that was on top of a house, quickly went down and started to fight with a gun against one of the creatures, while Tercero fought the second one. In a short while, all was finished, or so it seemed. When they were talking with the man that had been just attacked, the girl making many rude comments and Tercero trying to calm her down, they noticed that one of the creatures wasn't dead. Immideately they tried to fight it, but for some reason their bullets couldn't reach it and the worst happened.

The three giant fangs went through the man's body. They almost couldn't fit in the chest. The blood was everywhere: In his mouth, in his hands, etc. Two bullets killed the creature, and Tercero with Novena approached the man. They both started to discuss about a way of saving his life while they could, but Tercero was the only one that could do it, and was not really willing to. After some seconds, Novena convinced him, and the last thing that the man saw were two hands with two flames, one approaching his head and the other his wounds.

He woke up in a hospital. He could remember everything that happened, and that made him wonder many things. Tercero appeared through the door of the room, dressed as a doctor. Though this man wanted to know why, there were others things to do. He asked about the creature, and about who they were. What Tercero replied could be resumed into this:

The creatures were called Shadows. They had been sleeping in the core of the earth for a long time, but as the destruction that the mankind made woke them up for some unknown reason. They started to hunt down humans and to eat their souls, in order to create other Shadows. These creatures could control the energy of their souls at will, and that made them have different special powers, like more strength or magical spells of some sort. A group was formed in order to counter them. This group was Physis, from where Tercero and Novena came from. Yet not anyone can be a member. when the Shadows internaly damage a human, they spread their own energy of the soul into their life system, terminating their life. But when that energy was controled by another Shadow or by the powers of a Shadow, the energy of the Shadow fused with the soul of the human, making that human's soul a hibrid, and so the human becomes one too. These kind of humans were the ones that could join Physis, as only the energy of the soul coming from a Shadow or falf-Shadow could kill another.

Tercero revealed himself to be like that, and that he used his own powers to fuse the man's soul with the energy of the Shadow. That way he gains the ability to use the energy of the soul, and that energy makes him gain regenerative abilities strong enough to cure those wounds.

He gets scared about that truth but after some days manages to overcome it. Tercero tells him to join Physis so he can receive training in how to control his powers, and to help them in battle, but the man refuses, saying that there was no reason for him to do so and that he was no hero. He just wanted to have a normal life.

Yet he starts to meet those two memebers of Physis and a couple of others. He even goes with them into their missions and gathers more knowledge about the Shadows and the group itself. Yet he still refuses to go.

One day, after different events, his best friend's soul is eaten by a Shadow. This makes him go into a rampage and to take a form similar of that of a Shadow. He starts to fight against that Shadow, that ends up being stronger than it should, but manages to beat it. The Shadow's last words, and his friend's too, were: "Thank you".

This makes him even more sad and angry, and he is about to the destroy himself by destroying different things, but Novena arrives to the scene fast enough to stop him. They had gained a good friendship during that time, and soon after that Décimo decided to join Physis for good, so no one would suffer for the same he did when his friend died.

He starts to train, he is given weapons, and he meets the leader of their division. He is also given the title of Décimo, being the Tenth member they had on their country. Though the group Physis was not as he imagined: It was not a big base with many soldiers of scientist. Instead, their base was more like some old ruins fused with things from our time. He also knows that his country is the one with more members, alongside Italy. Some others have from 2 to 5, and even one had just 1 member. That made him have a different view from the group. They were not organized in any way. They were just an independant group of people with special powers and the same goal.

Anyways, he keeps doing missions and going through different things that are not going to be described here. That's how his life changed in a simple year.

((That's his basic story. Most likely he was sent to Traverse Town thanks to the ability of some Shadow and couldn't return to his world, yet he could still comunicate with it via the dark flame. Sorry if there is not enough imagination for this XD))

Pictures: None.


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Re: Número Décimo

Post by MrsGrizzley on Thu Apr 08, 2010 6:52 pm

I like the history.

Looks like everything is in order.

Welcome to the site!!



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