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Squire Knight of the Fourth Order, Luna

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Squire Knight of the Fourth Order, Luna

Post by Wolfsbane706 on Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:07 am

Character Template

Name: Luna Arianna Devereaux

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Race: Human

Homeworld: Traverse Town; Original home swallowed by Darkness.

Appearance: Luna wears a long blue coat, black pants, a white shirt, white gloves, and a red hairbow for her ponytail.  She has long blonde hair that reaches down to the small of her back, sharp ice-blue eyes, fair skin, a modest chest, and she stands in at average height.

Personality: Luna has a very morbid sense of humor, but otherwise, she's very nice and easy to relate to.  She's quick to anger, though, especially when her rank or her father are brought up, so some tread more carefully than they need to.  Although she's not aware of it, Luna's acquired a fear of Darkness and her own Dark magic ever since her world was consumed, and so she's been shifting more towards Light magic.

It should be noted that she is still in grieving over the loss of her world, though it doesn't show too often.  It should also be noted that attempting to use her as a pawn in some scheme or another will likely end with Luna going for the throat, which is why the mere mention of her father angers her so much: he did much the same thing to her shortly before the world was consumed.

Elemental Mastery: Light, Darkness, "Chaos"

Weapons: A Cavalry saber and a fencing dagger

Fighting Style: Luna prefers to fight close-up, where she can exploit the design of her weapon.  She is very good at linking strikes and magic, though her spell repertoire is . . . less than stellar.  Luna's family line is famed for their tactical and strategic expertise, and Luna herself is no different.  If she herself doesn't have the skills necessary to put a plan into action (which is likely) she'll enlist someone else's help, preferably someone with the skills she needs. The dagger is primarily used as a wand, though Luna has been known to occasionally use it in parrying strikes. Like it's supposed to be used.

Alignment: Lawful neutral: Luna does her best to stick to the law in the pursuit of her own interests, but at the moment, she's really just a sellsword.

Affinities: As a Chaos Knight in training, Luna is very strongly aligned with both Light and Darkness.  Also, as mentioned above, she's a skilled strategist capable of identifying (if not exploiting) an enemy's weakness after a time.

Weaknesses: Luna's primary weakness is that she's a Chaos Knight in training.  Her skills aren't completely developed, and with her world gone, she's under the impression that there is no way to develop them further.  As well, the total focus on Light, Darkness, and eventually Chaos spells means Luna is woefully inept at spells of any other element.  Lastly, being of the Fourth Order, the lowest of the four Squire Knight Orders, means Luna's skills in her own elements are also lacking, though not as badly as the others.

Another weakness of hers is her rigid adherence to her plans, her sheer defiance to admit that something has gone wrong and needs to be adapted to.  She acknowledges this as a flaw, but she has yet to take any steps to rectify it.

History: Luna refuses to reveal any details about her early life (read: the author hasn't come up with that stuff yet) and similarly refuses to elaborate on her world's history (although that has more to do with her grief than any laziness on my part).  All she will reveal is that she's not originally from Traverse Town.  Nobody has yet gotten close enough to Luna for her to share anything more.  As for objectives, it's safe to say she doesn't actually have any.  She makes her living as a Heartless hunter and a mercenary, staying away from the jobs that would likely get her in trouble with the authorities.

Regarding her magical skill, she once tried to cast a basic Fire spell.  Reports vary, with some saying it fizzled before the energy ever left the dagger, and others saying it literally blew up in Luna's face.  Luna herself is understandably quiet on the matter, though any time it's brought up, it's not uncommon to see her face turn any shade of scarlet.

Pictures: Don't have any.

NOTE:A little disjointed, but it should work.

Last edited by Wolfsbane706 on Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:13 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : I forgot about the dagger.)


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Re: Squire Knight of the Fourth Order, Luna

Post by Roxas on Fri Apr 29, 2016 1:45 pm

I know we have not started the approval process as of yet since we are awaiting the arrival of some other users, but I wanted to say this is quite a good app. Can't wait to see how you develop this character.

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