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Hanashi, preferbly known as 'Saya'

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Hanashi, preferbly known as 'Saya'

Post by Hanashi on Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:02 pm

Name: Hanashi, more known as Saya

Gender: Female

Age:16, appears 18


Home World:Destiny Islands{Used to live in Hollow Bastion}

Appearance:Hanashi is a young woman around 5''5 with black hair and mysterious gray eyes, her black hair ends around her neck but her bangs around her chest area.Usually she wears a white mid-knee dress that has black frills and has also black shoulder straps.At the end of her white dress she also has black frills, she wears black shoes.She usually has a black bracelet on her right hand.

Personality:Around others, Hanashi always acts quite cold and heartless, maybe because of the way she was treated when she was a child and finds it hard to trust people.When she is alone she's peaceful, as if nothing ever hurted her in the first place, she loves it when she's alone.She feels nothing can bother her.Mostly Hanashi if she meets someone new she'll keep to herself and try to speak little if needed, but if someone gains her trust she'll be very social but still have her moments where she likes to keep to herself.

Elemental Mastery:




Weapons:Two small daggers strapped on her right upper thigh and a Katana.

Fighting Style:Hanashi prefers close combat most of the time, since she's not all that good in long range combat nor long range attacks that she may have at her disposal(since it takes her quite a while to train her powers until she gets used to them).Hanashi is more of a strenght type, even though she may seem 'frail', she can actually pack quite a punch if she were angered enough. And if she doesn't 'feel' like using her katana, she just uses her magic; mostly Fire, since she is learning other magics but at the moment she stays with that magic.

Alignment:Lawful good {Though sometimes goes 'Neutral' but with good intentions, even if others don't understand the 'good' in them}

Affinities:Always being near boys and always hearing them and training with them with wooden swords until she got a katana, Hanashi has a high mastery over the ways of the sword, even so one time she wanted to actually get a sword but for some unkown reason she refused to get one. But she hates using the katana unless it's absolutely necessary, so she prefers her daggers and magic.

Weaknesses:Unfornutately everyone has their weaknessess and that includes Hanashi.Even though she's quiet she also has a nasty temper that comes out when fighting.If she doesn't see winning on the horizon, she gets angry and starts think unclearly.This also happens outside of battle but it only happens when she overthinks anything too much. (What is your character poor at? What are their weak poins?)


"This child will be a perfect weapon, do you not agree?"

"Indeed. Even though she was born a few minutes ago, you can just tell she's born for greatness, sir", two males stood in front of a bed. In the bed there was a woman with black hair short hair, red eyes glaring at the two males as she held a child in her hands wrapped up in a pink blanket. The child was sleeping peacefully. The mother's eyes looked menacing, as if they took another step she would kill them. She held the young baby in her arms.

"What do you want? I thought I told you I wouldn't give you the child, so why are you here? Don't make me get Dias", the woman replied codly, her eyes glaring holes in their eyes but they didn't seem to mind. The first man spoke, his voice was cold; as cold as ice itself. His silver hair with lilac eyes pierced the woman's red eyes, his ever present smirk on his face as he ate a marshmallow. "My dear, dear Luna. Why do you hate us so? You know you're daughter will be a great wea-"

"I've had enough of your insolence, Byakuran!", Luna barked, her eyes glowing a dark red as she held the child protectively in her arms. "You will not touch Hanashi, you hear me?! She will not become part of your 'family'. She's not someone like you! I know it!", Byakuran, the silver haired male sighed and ran a hand through hisd spiky silver hair. His eyes showing annoyance. "Very well", the red haired male looked at Byakuran, as if he was joking.

"Byakuran-sama! Are you joking, sir? You've waited nine months for Luna and Dia's child! Are you gonna throw it all away just because she told you to leave?!", he had to act. Act like he served him, act like he was loyal to him, act like he only belived in him. The red haired male known as Shoichi was only doing this to protect Hanashi. He couldn't let her fall into the wrong hands; not like Dias.Dias was Hanashi's father, a few months ago he fell into his own friend's hands; Byakuran. For awhile he was lost; as if his heart was stolen, as if he didn't really belive in anything else but to serve Byakuran. But at least he was saved. Thing is, no one remembers what happened after Dias was saved nor who saved him. The tried asking him but he doesn't remember either, which is frustrating his own wife and apprently from what Luna says so is the child.

Byakuran turned to take his leave, his white cloak moving with his body. Shoichi began following him, his own white cloak opened, revealing his dark blue shirt and white pants. Luna looked at Shoichi, her red eyes looking at him as if she wanted him tot urn around and say something to her; anything! But he didn't.

After tha little visit Dias and Luna wondered about the child's safety. They couldn't live where they were at the moment, which was Hollow Bastion, even though it felt 'safe' for them but for Hanashi, they didn't know. So Luna decided to take Hanashi to a world she's been to a couple of times; a world she calls "My own personal relaxation". That world was Desitny Islands. The couple was thinking of going there in a few weeks, since they have a few friends in that island that can help if there was ever a time of need for them. But before they could even leave Hollow Bastion, something happened....

It was the time of departure. Luna and Dias were over gonna be soon entering their ship and headed off towards Destiny Islands. But before that happened, Byakuran and Shoichi arrived at the scene, making Luna let out a somewhat hiss from her mouth and hold Hanashi in her arms protectively. Byakuran smiled at the couple and child while having a marshmallow in his hand, sometimes squishing it then eating it and getting out another. Shoichi on the other hand just stared at the family with a worried glance, as if knowing something was about to happen.

"Byakuran, Shoichi. To what do we owe this.. suprising visit?", the blue haired male known as Dias asked, his blue eyes looking at Byakuran's lilac ones. Byakuran smiled at his old friend before eating another marshmallow. "My dear, dear Dias. Are you really leaving Hollow Bastion?", Dias looked at Byakuran and nodded. Byakuran sighed. "Awww, very well. Though, I really wanted Hanashi and Luna and as well as you to stay in Hollow Bastion", at the mention of her name, Luna glared at Byakuran. "Tch! Knowing you, you'll just want to train Hanashi to be a powerful 'being'", Byakuran merely chuckled at this. "Who knows, my dear Luna. But please, do rest before you leave on you're... 'new home' "

Dias was about to say something but his wife, Luna quickly cut him off by saying "No, we're fine, Byakuran. After all that has happened I think we need to leave Hollow Bastion for awhile", her eyes travelled over to Dias, who seemed to be thinking the same thing. Byakuran seemed fine with what they had said but inside he was very dissapointing. He wanted them to stay the night, make sure they were all asleep and take Hanashi from them. And when they would wake up, he would kill them. Simple, really. Things like these were an easy matter for him, but he had to be careful around his 'old' friend, Dias. Dias used to be in his grasp, he used to follow Byakuran's orders without a second thought and then something happened that made him remember everything he knew before becoming Byakuran's servant. Whatever happened was of no importance at the moment. Right now, he just nwated Dias and Luna's child; Hanashi.

Ahh yes, Hanashi. The firstborn of Luna and Dias. The child that he had felt growing inside Luna's stomach for nine months. The child he wanted to kill. For some reason, he didn't like Hanashi's aura. It was too... pure, too good. He wanted to corrupt it, make it a dark aura but Dias wouldn't allow it. He wouldn't allow Byakuran to get close to Hanashi let alone hold her. So Byakuran couldn't do anything at the moment. His hands were tied. Meanwhile, Shoichi acted as a double agent. Even though Dias and Byakuran were childhood friends, they were enemies. But they were weird enemies you could say. They wouldn't attack each other openly, they would only attack each other when they felt the other was interfeering with their plans but besides that, they would leave each other alone; make sure no one is in the way of their goals. You could say Dias and Byakuran were Neutral, only attacking the person and actually getting something that benefits them.

That happened 16 years ago. Eveyrthing that Luna told Hanashi always has strayed fresh in her mind as she got older, more wiser, more stronger and more intelligent. Their parents decided to make there 'trip' permanent, staying in Destiny Islands and watching Hanashi grow up around the young kids on the islands. Most of the time, she would be hanging out with the guys, using wooden swords( even though at first they wouldn't even let her play with them). Hanashi became somewhat of a tomboy, but also having her girl moments, since she loves wearing dresses.

The parents thought they were out of danger. That they could live a life of peace and tranquility with their only child, maybe even have another child that Hanashi can call "little brother" or "little sister".

But then.. came a dreadful day Hanashi will never forget.

Hanashi was hanging out in the Secret Place. Looking at the drawings on the cave that were made by the kids on the islands and she even made some herself. While drawing, Hanashi would always feel something in the Secret Place. Like there was something about it that made her feel... alert. Even though it was a cave with a one way exit and entrance, so it was weird that she would feel this way. She would also have shivers running up and down her spine whenever she got closer to the wooden door.

Most of the time went she went towards the door, she'd always turn away and walk back out of the Secret Place, trying to forget the shivers she fell. She'd also wonder about the dreams she has been having at night. Always had a white haire dman with a sharp gaze. His lilac eyes seem to scare Hanashi the most as a young girl, which is why she would go to her mother and father most of the time; telling them about her dreams. They knew who she was dreaming about. It was none other than Byakuran. This was something they never expected.

Byakuran.A man of power; he has the power to make anyone bend to his will, just like he did with Dias. But he couldn't do with Luna. It was always a mystery on why she wouldn't bend to his will, but nonetheless decided to let it slide and just try to get Hanashi. But since they were at Destiny Islands, he decided to not chase after her. Byakuran didn't "feel" like chasing after her. She'll come back to the place she was born; much like Byakuran did.

Hanashi, later on when she was a little bit older, she was shown the way of the sword by her father( even though Luna refused, Dias thought it would be a good idea if she knew how to defend herself). She learned to pick it up quickly, showing Dias that her daughter had potential in learning the ways of the sword. So, this was a regular agenda for Hanashi: Get up, bathe, get dressed, eat, go out and train, then come back and sleep. It's been that way for maybe.. four years. In those four years she grew distant from her friends, deciding it was best to just stay on her own and not let people get in her way of doing what she felt 'right'.

And after learning about 'Byakuran' from her father and mother, Hanashi wants to go to Hollow Bastion and talk with him once and for all. To ask him WHY he wanted her as a 'weapon'. That's her major goal for the moment. Nothing more, nothing less.

{Hanashi plus her clothes she wears outside of Destiny Islands}

{outfit in Destiny Islands}

Hanashi's parents

Luna(imagine her with black hair and red eyes)




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Re: Hanashi, preferbly known as 'Saya'

Post by Roxas on Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:16 pm

Alright, everything looks pretty good except the "Weaknesses". Expand a bit more on the fact that she begins to think unclearly. What does her unclear thoughts cause her to do? Does she let her defense falter when she does this? More details.

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