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Kuja, the angel of death.

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Kuja, the angel of death.

Post by Kuja on Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:02 am

Name: Kuja

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown but looks to be twenty

Race: Genome *close to a human, but MUCH better*

Home World:
Used to live on a world called Gaia but now lives in Castle Oblivion

Appearance: Kuja is a genome that is in his early twenties and as such he looks quite young, he stands at 6 feet tall*guessing*, with pale white skin like that of marble, he has long silvery hair that in some places look to be just like feathers so in all he looks quite beautiful. He only weights 130 lbs*guessing* and as such he isn't very heavy, he also has a tail like other genomes but he keeps it hidden in his clothes. He wears some strange clothes but it might be just to confuse his opponents, as he wears grayish purple boots that almost reach all the way up his legs, has a strange shirt that only covers his top half and it also covers his arms. He also wears some kind of weird piece of clothing to cover his lower half.

Personality: Kuja is somewhat different from most evil villains. He is the type to have poetic elegance while doing what he loves, which is at times very different from how most evil people work.. His speech patterns are highly metaphorical and somewhat jovial, and his refined nature stands in stark contrast to his past job as a sadistic war-bringer. Kuja has a very narcissistic and sophisticated personality, and he loves luxury.

Kuja has an ego to match his power, and at times he lets his pride rule his head. He is mentally insane at times, but through it all Kuja has a light side due to how he did in fact help save the lives of his brother and his brother's friend. But don't get fooled if you cross Kuja you best find a place to hide in fear from him, or find a way to keep spells from happening near you.

Elemental Mastery: Primary: Non-elemental
Secondary: Holy
Tertiary: Darkness

Weapons: Kuja doesn't use weapons per-say as he really only has the weapons for mediums, the real weapons are seven orbs that he uses to smash and blast people with.

Fighting style: Long ranged, he likes to blast his opponents away with magic and ranged attacks also he likes to keep a distance from his opponents. He also will enjoy messing with your head if he can do so, so beware getting into a conversation with him.

: Chaotic

Affinities: Kuja is a very good magic user and is also quite good at making magical objects since he was the one to teach others how to make black mages for weapons, and to add onto that he is quite smart thanks to the fact that he knew how to enslave Eidolons, where to find the source of all life *the Crystal*, and how to extract Eidolons from summoners. He is also quite fast and a good flier thanks to him using his magical powers to float in the air.

Weakness: Kuja is not the best at keeping his sanity while under a great amount of stress since he had already gone insane once and being brought back from the dead doesn't help the mind that much either. He had reverted by to his evil like personality so he still hates his brother Zidane with a passion and still wants to destroy others so that he may live, he is also not the most physical person as he can take a good amount of physical abuse but he can't really dish it out since he is more of a magic user than a physical attacker unlike his brother.

History: Kuja is Genome created by Garland. Garland gave Kuja a soul, making Kuja unable to accept that he was like the other soulless Genomes, and so he hides his tail under his clothes, trying to conceal his real identity. Though initially deeming him to be unfit for the purposes of being a vessel for Terran souls like the other Genomes, Garland decided to use him to foster war on Gaia, which would induce heavy death tolls and send Gaian souls to the Iifa Tree, where they will be removed from the cycle of judgment and be replaced by Terran souls.

While Garland never told him, Kuja was only a temporary Angel of Death, meant to kill people on Gaia until Garland could perfect the true Angel of Death. Garland eventually made the perfect Genome, Zidane. However, Kuja felt threatened by this new Genome, and so he kidnapped him and left him in Gaia, thus disrupting Garland's plans. Garland, having lost his latest creation, had to keep using Kuja as his Angel of Death until he could make another one.

While Garland was busy in Terra, Kuja served as a weapons supplier to Queen Brahne, so that she may wage war with Burmecia and Lindblum, thus killing even more people and ridding Gaia of more souls. These weapons that Kuja gives Brahne are the Black Mages, soulless golems that use powerful magic to destroy the other kingdoms. Kuja also has two servants, named Zorn & Thorn, who lead the Black Mages and carry out his orders. They served as Brahne's court jesters early on in the game.

On Gaia, Kuja was fulfilling his purpose, but he was also secretly plotting against Garland, hoping to overthrow him, and become the master of his own destiny. In order to acquire a power greater than Garland's, Kuja set his sights on the Eidolons of Gaia, and went after the Eidolon Alexander, hoping to enslave it with the Terran airship Invincible. However, Garland arrives, and tells Kuja that he was fully aware of Kuja's intentions, and tries to kill Kuja, but was unsuccessful. This angers Kuja further, and prompts him to kidnap Eiko, hoping to extract the Eidolons within her. However, when Mog transformed into Eidolon Madeen to defend Eiko, Kuja realizes the power of Trance, and finally sees the way to acquire ultimate power.

When the party arrives on Terra, Kuja followed. After the party defeats Garland, Kuja attacks, but is easily defeated. Using the souls stored in the Invincible, Kuja is able to force himself into a Trance, and crushes the party with Ultima. He then proceeds to finish off Garland. As he taunts the defeated Zidane, Garland's spirit speaks to Kuja, telling him that he is not immortal like he believed, that he was created to last only until the real Angel of Death, Zidane, reached maturity. Unable to accept it, Kuja goes insane, destroying all of Terra. He then flies off, back to Gaia, where he opens the gate to Memoria. Here, he manages to reach the source of all life, the Crystal, which he hopes to destroy in order to kill all life.

Zidane's party catch up to him and defeat him in battle, so he uses Ultima to kill the party. This sends the souls of Zidane & co. to Necron, who the party must also defeat.

After Necron's defeat, Kuja uses the last of his powers to revive Zidane & co. outside the Iifa Tree. Zidane decides to stay behind to rescue Kuja, and he barely makes it as the Iifa Tree collapses. With his dying breath, Kuja tells Zidane that he's sorry for all that he did, but Zidane understood why he did it. Mikoto tells Kuja in spirit how he taught the Genomes and had given them hope for the future.

A few years has pass since Kuja had been destroyed and everything seemed peaceful, that is until a foolish man who had become a powerful Necromancer went to the Iifa tree to see if he could bring to life Kuja to be his weapon of destruction.

The man had to dig through many limbs and roots that were left from the destruction of the Iifa tree but after a few months of digging he was able to reach the exact place were Kuja had taken his last breath, the man then used many different runes and spells to help him with his evil task. Then on the night of a full moon the spell began, after hours of chanting and spell weaving the place glowed with a crimson red light as a portal to the after life opened and a hand reached through and grabbed the side of the portal.

Soon the rest of the body was pulled out as Kuja looked around for a moment to see that he was alive once again, he then saw the necromancer and said "Now who are you?" "I am you mast.......ACK!!" the necromancer was not able to finish his sentence because Kuja had jabbed his hand through the man's chest when the fool tried to say master as Kuja said "I am no one's servant." Kuja threw the man's body away from him and made a small evil laugh as he then thought *Now time to get revenge on Zidane and his friends.* Kuja disappeared and as a great evil has returned and thanks to a side affect of the spell that brought him back to life he gained everlasting life and youth. But before he could even launch an attack something went wrong, because he had died in this world once he could not live in this world again. He was sent off to another world but where exactly he did not know, but all he knew was that it was a very unpleasant experience to suffer through.


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Re: Kuja, the angel of death.

Post by Paleo Sora on Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:25 am

Looks Good.

Paleo Sora
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