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Post by Isabella~ ♥ on Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:33 pm

Character Template

Name: Isabella Strauss
Alias: Personality number 1- Bella
Personality number 2 - Izzy

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Race: Human

Home World: Wonderland

Appearance: Isabella has shoulder length dirty blonde hair, which she wears in a rowdy sort of way so that it sticks up in some parts, and just looks like she got out of bed. She is only around 5' even, without the aid of shoes, and is completely comfortable with her short height. To go with her seemingly rowdy, short self, she is also quite pale; which easily goes with her soft grey eyes. A noticeable quality between Bella and Izzy is that, whenever Izzy comes out a tattoo appears on her upper left shoulder blade in the form of a black smiling cat face.

Bella, being the happier personality, is always seen in some type of dress; it could range from a kimono all the way to a simple sun dress. No matter what though she is always seen wearing some type of dress or a skirt. Usually the colors she wears are the more bright vibrant colors, like red or pink. Since Bella has the happier, girlier outfit; Izzy is the complete opposite, she is always seen wearing a leather jacket, black skinny jeans, and a black shirt. Everything this "meaner" personality wears is obviously black, and looks like she is ready for a fight.

Personality: Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a mental illness that involves the sufferer experiencing at least two clear identities or personality states, each of which has a fairly consistent way of viewing and relating to the world. Some individuals with DID have been found to have personality states that have distinctly different ways of reacting, in terms of emotions, pulse, blood pressure, and blood flow to the brain. This disorder was formerly called multiple personality disorder (MPD) and is often referred to as split personality disorder.

Such an illness has stricken Isabella; causing her two have two definitive personalities; Bella and Izzy. While Bella remains the dominant personality, there still are multiple and random occasions that Izzy takes over, leaving Bella with little to no memories of the incident or incidents. Most of the time, they seem to be dreams or faint memories, leaving Bella confused when she finds the area of the memory. Although most separate personalities seem to require a strong emotion as a trigger to come out, Izzy will just randomly take over, disregarding the situation. This has tended to lead to some embarrassing situations in the past. Another interesting note is that Bella and Izzy can communicate with each other, not via meditation, but by staring in a reflective surface. This also has lead to a few awkward situations more than once.


Bella is the main personality, her name being derived from the latter part of Isabella. She encompasses the happier side of life; happiness, calmness, and full of energy. She normally always has a bright smile on her face, or close to it. She is slightly clumsy and childish, but tries to make everything she does as fun as possible. However, there are times when the smile falters and Bella lets a little bit of depression through, but those moments are very rare and far between. Even if tears slip out, she can quickly cover them up and put a smile on her face so quickly that it leaves people’s heads spinning and wondering if they actually saw the tears in the first place.


Izzy is the second personality, her name being derived from Isabella's sister. She encompasses the more… darker emotions of this; anger, sadness, cruelty. She is very blunt, and sometimes acts irrationally; charging people randomly or telling a random person on the street what she thinks of their appearance. However, she can be sneaky if necessary, sometimes finding amusement in manipulating people by mentioning a name or making a comment at the right time. However, this doesn’t provide her with much amusement, as she prefers to be in the thick of all the mess.

Elemental Mastery:
Primary: Healing
Secondary: Time
Tertiary: Ice

Weapons: A simple wakizashi that is slung across her back.

Fighting Style: short ranged

Alignment: Neutral

*Able bodied - The character is in excellent physical shape. He heals quickly and is seldom ill.
* Ambidextrous - The character is equally adept at using either hand. Although ambidexterity is rare at birth, it can be learned. Most duelists spend their whole lives refining this talent.
* Photographic memory -The character remembers everything he sees and hears with absolute clarity. To represent this extraordinary gift, the player controlling the character should take copious notes throughout play to represent his character's memory.

*Double Personality - since Isabella has two completely different personalities, they are constantly fighting for control; giving her migraines and making it hard for people to want to befriend her.

*Poor aim - Since Isabella is a short ranged fighter, she has no practice in the art of long range attacks; so naturally whenever she attempts to toss something 2/10 she misses the target.


Isabella grew up in a poor house hold. Each night her father would come and beat her and her sister, there mother leaving straight after each's birth. Though they were beaten they stayed together, and attempted to comfort each other. Until, one day her father went too far and killed her sister, Izzy. Ever since then Isabella started going by the name of Bella, and couldn't remember ever getting beaten; because everytime she got hit a second personality would appear, one that came to protect Bella. So everyday this new personality would come in, and save the day for Bella, yet Bella never knew of this, until one fateful night.

Bella was laying on the ground blood surrounding her,and to her right was her father, mangled and destroyed. To her right laid a mirror, and what she saw wasn't exactly her reflection; instead she saw herself, yet this one wasn't sitting there in horror, she was laughing, and looking proud over the dead body. Soon after seeing this sight, Bella ran and ran, until she reached her favorite destination, just outside the red queen's castle. Standing there next to a lake, Bella would look down and see that other girl again, but this time the girl talked to her, so they had a conversation; where Bella learned of her double personality and how everyday Izzy would save her, yet she still feared Izzy.

In an attempt to learn of how to get rid of her, she ran off to see the red queen. Angry over what Bella was doing Izzy took over when they met the red queen, and attempted to kill her, but the guards stopped her just in time, and sent her off in a space shuttle. Currently they are imbetween worlds and both fighting for control.


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Isabella~ ♥
Isabella~ ♥

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Re: Isabella~(done)

Post by Isabella~ ♥ on Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:17 pm

Isabella~ ♥
Isabella~ ♥

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Re: Isabella~(done)

Post by Roxas on Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:21 pm

Hm..nice job. It's dark, yet deep, but that's not always a bad thing. I like the detail.


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Re: Isabella~(done)

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