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Trey The Titain of Wind

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Trey The Titain of Wind

Post by Trey on Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:52 pm

(Yea Roxas can figure this out and sorry if the template isn't the same there is a reason, but I'll fix it when I am told)




Home World:Twilight Town


Appearance:Has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He is 5ft. 7in and is a little tan. His hair is mildly spiky and he doesn't have any freckles. He has a small build and is sorta skinny. Wears a red and white tee with the number 5 on it and black shorts ,that are a little too big for him, also he wears sandals. His head is a normal size and is sort of round. His nose isn't too pointy or round ether.

Alignment:Good and Lawful

Elemental Mastery:

Personality:A very adventurous and curios person. Has a sense of honor and pride and is always willing to help someone. He can be childish at times. Can be loud sometimes and doesn't have great table manners ,which people take this as rude behavior sometimes ,but some people kind of enjoy it. Wants to always make new Friends and find strong rivals. He always tries his best and does all he can for his friends and allies. He maybe lawful ,but he rebels to things that seem unfit.


Fighting Style:Will usually jump around and thrust him self forward with his air abilities. He likes to be quick and dodge attacks. When he goes in for a attack he will thrust himself forward and when he swings his weapon he will use his air abilities to give it a extra boost. He doesn't block very often ,but he will dodge. He likes to use his quickness to his advantage.

Affinities:He is very quick and light on his toes. He is great at dodging and his air abilities are very useful when jumping and attacking.

Weaknesses:He is not good when it comes to blocking ,so any attack that is too big for him to dodge will probably hit him.

Strength- Average
Defense- Bad
Luck- Average
Magic Power- Good
Stamina- Average
Magic Defense- Below Average
Speed- Excellent

History He was born in Twilight Town and abandon by his parents. He was homeless and raised himself. He made friends with a girl named Tara when he was 3 and they stuck together until they turned 12. When he was 10 years old ,he was at the market street sitting on the sidewalk with the streets fileld with people and then heartless showed up and took the hearts of the towns people. He ran away before they could get him then he scolded him self because he couldn't save them or fight the heartless. He now trains at Twilight Town and vowed to fight any threat he sees to protect the rest of the town. His goal is to get rid of any dangers to those who threaten him ,his allies and friends.

Role Playing Sample:

The sky was dark ,like a large piece of coal. The wind blew from the north ,it had a eerie feeling. The not a single sound and not a soul around. It was as if the whole world left and no one was left. Trey was traveling with is newly obtained keyblade. All he could hear was his foot steps as he walked down the old abandon road.

A dark figure appears north of Trey. The wind blew again the mood was a quiet ,sum what awkward, Trey felt a chill go down his spine. He knew a fight was a going to happen ,so he pulled his keyblade out ready for the attack. Trey could hear the enemy's foot steps slowly speeding up ,he felt a drop of sweat go down his neck. Trey was nervous the enemy looked confident and very intimidating.

"I've been looking for a fight..." said the enemy "You will do." the voice echoed then trailed off.

The enemy started running toward him with a attack. Trey successfully jumps and dodges the ,could be, fatal attack. While in air he quickly comes down with is keyblade ,but the enemy blocks it. Trey gets pushed back and almost losses his balance. He regains stability and thrusts himself forward with his air abilities and got a direct hit on the enemy. The foe wobbled a little bit ,almost looked dizzy, and smiled.

"I'm surprised..." said the enemy "You are doing well ,I would like to see you grow ,but I cannot do that."

Then the enemy just turned to dust. At that moment three heartless appeared. Trey ,shocked, barley dodged their attack by jumping. He swooped down and sliced a heartless within a couple seconds ,immediately after another heartless grabbed him from behind. The other heartless jumped and tried to attack him while he was held down. At the last second he broke free of the heartless' grip and threw the heartless at the attacking one. The two heartless were defeated from this attack and disappeared.

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Re: Trey The Titain of Wind

Post by Roxas on Wed Mar 17, 2010 3:12 pm

Approved. Good to have you Trey.

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