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Dove, one half of Aki's soul

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Dove, one half of Aki's soul

Post by Dove on Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:32 pm

Name: Dove

Gender: Female

Age: 16
    She's actually 37, but still ages normally. This will be explained in her history.
Race: Human

Home World: Destiny Island
    Actually from Radiant Garden (explained in history) and currently resides in Twilight Town.
    Dove has a slim, slender body and stands around 4'10" and weighs about 90lbs. She has dark black hair that's usually tied up with bangs swept across her face, but reaches the lower portion of her shoulder blades when unbound. Charming, bright brown eyes always seem to look about the world around her challenging others and bringing into focus the surrounding areas.

    When out and about in public Dove often wears an unbuttoned dark black coat with soft white cuffs over a crimson red vest over a collared white long sleeve shirt over an thin semi-tight black tank top with a soft black tie along with a pair of dark black jeans held together with a pale white belt and a pair of ankle length white socks and black tennis shoes.

    During her time in the black markets or in arenas Dove tends to go for less clothing, opting for her tank top and jeans only. In addition, she wears a pair of dark black fingerless gloves, a pair of dark shades, and usually has a long blood-red scarf about the lower portion of her face thus preventing most from finding out who she really is.

    Although most of the time Dove is just in her tank top and a pair of short black shorts with sandals because she generally dislikes clothing. Though this tends to only happen when she's at home in her small apartment as she also dislikes being gawked at. Dove almost always has her hair up, and having it down generally means she's either upset about something or just too tired to tie it up (though its usually because something's upsetting her).

    Other various items that Dove typically has with her is a musical device that she often listens to. She also has two pieces of jewelry: a necklace and bracelet. The necklace is always worn by Dove but remains hidden under her clothes. Its a soft silvery color with the Japanese kanji for death as a small amulet. The backside of the kanji has her name and birth-date etched onto it in a elegant script. Its unknown where this came from, but its been with her since she was a small child. The bracelet is also a silvery color, located on her left wrist as her right wrist usually has an extra hair band. Given to her by Raven, the bracelet has elegant doves tied together with even more elegant curling leaves and vines. Dove often has it on, but takes if off when engaging with the black market and arenas as it is rather precious to her.

    One unique mark on Dove is that all along her body is the "engraving" of a phoenix. The main part of this phoenix is located on Dove's back with its wings, legs, and tail spreading out to her arms, legs, and chest. The claws of the phoenix actually end up curling about her ankles to "hold" her heels and the wings spread out to her fingertips. The tail itself laces around her stomach to her chest, winding around her neck once to end up on her left cheek and eye with feathers "falling off" to cover a part of her forehead, right eye and upper right cheek. This "mark" is generally unnoticeable to others as it is faint and usually covered up with clothing, but becomes more noticeable the more active Dove is.

    When cos-playing as Hato, Dove generally ditches the jacket and vest.
    Contrary to her namesake, Dove isn't exactly a dove. She's quite rebellious and wild, causing fights more often than ending them peacefully. Dove's quite athletic despite her small body and slight build, being able to run just a little faster than most people for a good amount of time and capable of handling two handed swords for an adequate amount of time before tiring. As such, she tends to find herself protecting others from bullies and the various random monsters, Heartless, and Nobodies that show up from time to time. You could say she's a little cocky and arrogant, and brash for sure, but she does it all with good reason and a high amount of self confidence. So to most people on Destiny Island who knew her, she was seen as a "good" rebellious young child that looked out for others.

    This would change as she began to dabble with the dark arts as Raven became more and more sick. Being protective of her older, frailer, weaker sister had made Dove become something like a mother to her. As such, she saw it as her own responsibility to find whatever the cure was to fix Raven and keep her from dying. And it seemed the only way to heal her was through the dark arts. She might have been conflicted about this at first, never having liked the dark arts herself, but the more Raven declined, the more inviting they looked and so she dabbled with the dark arts and others became wary of her. Her reputation among the "good" people of Destiny Island steadily dropped and she became even more rebellious. She would do anything to save Raven, as Raven was her life and most precious love. Being involved with the dark arts ultimately caused her downfall and move to Twilight Town.

    On the inside, Dove is rather uncomfortable with people looking up to her as it makes her feel as if she must constantly fending others, looking out for everyone, and continuing to succeed no matter the situation, but she has slowly accepted this over the years. She also fears losing or showing weakness because she's always been the strong one, the one everyone relied on. So if she were to fail, then everyone else would fail. If everyone died, it would be her fault. In reality she fears failure itself, but has yet to come to terms with it. She may be brash, quick to act or say things without first thinking them through, but in her head she's always thinking and wondering why she did something without first thinking about it, often regretting doing so when she could've found another option. Others may compliment her, but in her mind she's still not good enough and never will be. Dove often feels as though she is alone in life because no one seems to understand her save for Raven, but with Raven dying and disapproving of her (when she's really just disappointed in her) Dove has felt more lonely than ever and wondering why she even bothers to live anymore. She only puts on a happy face or outlook simply because she doesn't want people feeling sorry for her, pitying her, or thinking she's self centered.

    Dove does care for other people, but she's just a little too blunt or brash at times, often saying the wrong thing or using the wrong words that offend people when she didn't mean to in the first place. As such, she's not much of a people person and tries to stay quiet most of the time but can't help but blurt out things now and then. And having the misfortune of people using her, Dove doesn't trust or believe in others very easily and often stays suspicious of people for a long time, further distancing her from people and society itself. Even so, she manages somehow. She seems to be able to be herself more when no one knows who she really is or in fights, thus leading to her participating in arenas more and more, even if not all of them are clean or legal.

    Suffice to say, Dove is a conflicted individual.
Elemental Mastery: Wind
    Secondary: Ice
    Tertiary: N/A
    Dove generally fights with dual, guard-less katanas that are actually a part of her, being made from her own soul. As such, its very easy for Dove to wield them and also seems to be much harder for others to wield. The blades are a dark black color with a dark black hilt laced with a blood-red pattern. The blades have no known sheath and its unknown where the blades are stored as Dove has to merely think of her blades, lose one magic point and they will appear in her hands.
Fighting Style:
    Dove typically prefers to be involved in mid to close combats, but is adequate in long range battles as well through the usage of her elements. She utilizes speed and secrecy to her advantage when she can as most of her opponents are physically stronger than her. Often times Dove will use her wind element to her advantage to get her opponents into the air where few have experience at "air fighting", although she usually doesn't utilize her elements unless pressed to. Often times her elements are used as support for her physical attacks, finishers, or simply as a trump card as she doesn't use elements until its near the end of the fight. Utilize her blades the most, she's able to take out most of her opponents.
Alignment: Neutral
    However it seems she wavers, leaning more towards Chaotic.
    Having had much experience with elements and fighting you could almost say that Dove is a natural born fighter. She has a high mastery of the wind element, despite her age (explained in history) and uses that mastery as an advantage and trump card. In addition, due to her blades being a part of her she also has a high mastery of swordsmanship.

    Asides from skills with fighting, Dove seems to have the uncanny ability to sense where low level Nobodies and Heartless can be found. This essentially means that Dove is rarely ambushed by normal Nobodies and Heartless, but is still subject to strong leveled Nobodies and Heartless.
    Although Dove is a more than adequate fighter, she lacks the ability to properly defend herself and relies mostly on her ice element as a defense against attacks she can't dodge or block with her blades. Additionally, without her blades she'll tire a little more quickly as her magic tends to consume more power from her, not just magic powers either, but actual energy needed for things such as walking, running, and so forth.

    One particular odd weakness of her's is that where the beak of the phoenix, tail of the phoenix, wingtips of the phoenix and claws of the phoenix end is where she's most vulnerable to attacks. If struck there, bruising can happen almost immediately. If cut, her wound takes a much longer time to heal and blood with almost continuously come out even if it were a small, shallow cut.

    And when it comes to her sister, Raven, Dove is extremely protective of her, having dabbled with he dark arts just in an attempt to save Raven from death (she still continues to do this though, trying to find a way to cure Raven). Raven is ultimately Dove's weakness as she'll do just about anything to find her, protect her, save her, and so forth.

    She also has a soft spot for children, finding it hard to raise a hand against them or to not help a cause when children are involved. Dove is also quite brash, quick to anger and act, often times not thinking about her actions before its too late or after everything is over.
    Where does one start when trying to explain how a person came into being? Does it begin with the day they're born or the day the world came to know them? If you were to go with the first, then it would prove to be of little value to; however, were you to go with the later you would learn that there's much more to the story of Raven and Dove than one would ever have thought. And so, we'll begin our story long before Dove or Raven ever existed...

    It begins long ago with a young woman named Aki. While still young she had a frail body and had little special skills or abilities. She would often spend time in the libraries reading one long book after another. Her knowledge steadily grew till she had read all the books and so she began to write. Writing about what she'd learn in the books, what she had seen in books, what she wanted to be like... A different world where one's dreams were reality. But as she grew older it became apparent that she had affinities for magic, particularly with the light, wind, and ice elements. She focused on light mostly, learning all sorts of healing spells and enchantments. Working hard, she managed to learn and create spells that would aide her fragile body, enabling her to be able to "normal". And soon she learned how it felt to have the wind playing with her hair, the rain caressing her cheeks, the soft feel of grass upon her feet. Her world shone brightly with a new light and new people.

    But it wasn't enough to be able to run and play like the others. She wanted to see what a body could do, what her limits were. What could she do with this body that was no longer bound to indoor rooms or stiff chairs? And so she began to learn how to wield a blade. Slowly she progressed from small, light blades to heavier and larger ones till she learned how to wield two weapons at a time or a shield as well. It was all just sport to her, she knew that even with her spells she could not thwart the sickness that plagued her. She might have tried to do so at first, but it was inevitable that there was no cure, thus she had focused on physical feats and taken less interest in magic. But as she became thirteen her body became even weaker and no matter what spells she used or the combination, she could no longer dance with the weapons her father had bought her.

    Her studies with magic took off again, this time with ice and wind. And so she learned how to make use of them, how she could still move about and strain herself too much with the help of wind. Invisible wings and waves of cool wind could take her to and fro. Solid sheets of ice and slippery floors made life a little exciting other than having to read, write, draw, or listen to music for fun. For a time she had learned how to fight and utilize such elements for everyday things until she was nineteen. By then the sickness had drastically spread and advanced, rendering her incapable of barely any movement. Bedridden, she would take to using her elements for works of beauty rather than destruction or accommodation.

    It was a fairly nice day in Radiant Gardens, but looks can be deceiving. While the world outside was full of life and wonder, within the confines of a lavish room laid a young woman. She came from an aristocrat-like family and no one had ever thought that she would be sickly. No one in her family had ever had any type of sickness, but she had been devastatingly sickly since birth. And now, at the age of twenty-one she was finally taking her last breaths in life.

    I don't want to die... I can't die... Please don't let me die... "I don't want to go... not yet... Just a little longer... I still want to see the world..." she had whispered into the bright world around her. She was dying, she could sense it. The grasp that death had about her was strong, too strong. No living being would ever want to die, every living thing struggled to live and did everything they could to live.

    Would you really do anything? And she whispered yes back to that voice. To a voice she had never heard before, a voice that gave her hope, a hope that she desperately clung to. And with that last bit of hope she mustered up all the strength that remained in her body and prayed. Prayed that she'd live. But this prayer was different than all the others. She didn't just pray with words, but with thoughts. And in those thoughts she wove in the feelings of magic. And as if some unseen god could hear her and would answer her prayers she felt the pain fade. The pain that had steadily plagued her for years was gone. The relief and joy it brought to her was something she would never be able to describe, and she never would get the chance.

    As quickly as the pain had evaporated into the air it returned a thousand times stronger. Needles struck through her skin delving deep, deep down into her flesh. Where they sank into her flesh they spread as vines do, curling about her bones and striking through organs. She had asked to live and live she would. But not as herself, not entirely as herself.

    A soul can only be sustained in a body so long as the body can host such a soul. Often times the body will die and the soul will drift off to enter this world elsewhere. But not this time. This time soul was split in half and the body was never designed to house two souls. As the young woman's soul split she tried to do her best to keep it intact, but failed miserably as many would do if they had tried. In the few seconds that remained she accepted the inevitable truth that she would no longer live on this world as herself and thus tried to pour into her splitting soul what she loved and cherished most in the hopes that maybe, just maybe she would be able to exist through one of her souls.

    But her hope spread to both souls in different ways. One soul was completely pure and was the embodiment of her love of life and all people no matter their background or class. This soul contained much of the young woman's personality and views of the world. One may say that this soul was rather weak in nature, having no skills in fighting and being a gentle soul, but sometimes being gentle and kind to others will ensure that you live. As if in a strange fate the other half, though containing little of the woman's personality and very being, held much of her abilities with the elements and blade before she became bedridden. A very powerful soul indeed, one that had been created for battle.

    It seemed only fitting that she called her new identities life and death, but how ironic it would be when these two souls came to settle the world she had just left. The woman's last thoughts had been Live... Live for me... I will live through you... Live and love this wor... ... ... but she had never finished that thought. All the people she loved would awaken to find her gone without a single trace and mourn for her death. All the people who had loved her and tried their best to find a cure would not even get to say one last farewell. No.. no one would ever see her again. All they had left would be their memories. But memories is all one ever has in the end, is it not?

    A young, somewhat wealthy merchant and artisan by the name of Argon gazed up at the sky as he awaited for his first few customers to come around. As he did so he couldn't help but notice the sky was rather beautiful today and that the waves were more blue than they had ever been. The vegetation about him was lushness as well. And then, for some strange reason he thought he heard the cries of children. As any adult would be, he grew curious and looked out about the empty streets. Thus far he had found no one but the cries continued. Closing his eyes he would try to pinpoint the cries that could barely be heard now. He was growing increasingly worried by the second, fearful that some harm had come to such young children. He himself had no children, but he had been around when his sister had had a child before they had both died.

    The adrenaline in his body was making him want to go on a frenzy and tear up his shop in search of such cries but he controlled himself and focused. Soon he thought it was coming from the back door where his workshop was. Hurriedly he rushed to the area, praying that no child was about his workshop as it contained particularly sharp objects here and there. But as he entered the area the cries had stopped altogether and defeated he had turned to go back inside when he caught sight of the edge of a blanket. Knowing for sure that he nor his apprentice ever brought blankets to the workshop he strode over to it and was stunned to find not one, but two children who looked as if they were only a few days old, weeks at most.

    Dark haired and white haired they were, twins he would have thought if not for that. Bending down he checked for vitals with his rudimentary skills with healing and was relieved to find them still alive. For a few fleeting seconds he had wondered if he should just take them to town and ask if any family would be willing to take care of them but the more he thought about it, the less he wanted to do so. No, he couldn't leave them. He wouldn't. He could still remember his sister and little niece. He would raise them for now, it wouldn't be all that hard right? And so the young man barely twenty years of age took both of the small children into his home and tried to see if he might discover who they were. They held no distinguishing features that could give way to their identity though. And after an hour had passed he had finally thought to check if they might have something with them.

    They did, necklaces. It was simple enough, if not for the amulets on them. He wondered if the strange characters might have some meaning to what their name was and gently touched the amulets only to find that the backside had something engraved on it. Flipping it over, the artisan soon discovered their names and age. Frowning in confusion he wondered why it was that the dark haired child was named Dove and not Raven. He shrugged it off though and began to go over what he might need for taking care of two young children.

    The years that followed proved to be interesting for him. Many of the Island's young women already had interest in him what with his kind nature and good looks, but they took even more interest in him when word got out that he was taking care of two orphans. He received much help from his neighbors and in turn they all got to see how the two would grow. Astonishingly they grew at quite a fast pace, learning things rather quickly. This of course lead to questions of their origins but no one seemed to know who they were and there had been no need to waste much money on getting on a teller to divine where they had come from. The two girls were twins, yes, but they were completely different in nature. Where one did this, the other did that. They were opposites of each other it seemed, and yet... they got along.

    Both girls seemed to pick up easily upon academics and even easier yet on elements and working with weapons. It was quite shocking when you had them at the age of six or seven fighting each other quite well with small, light blades or using their elements. Very strange when both girls apparently had a high mastery of their elements at a young age and knew how to fight with weapons at a young age as well. They were role models to small community around them and remained so, even after Raven collapsed on the beach one day to be later diagnosed with some incurable disease. And that was the exact time that Dove began to push herself more and more. All the time she had always worked at a level close to Raven, but she herself held much more potential than Raven. She expanded her knowledge and sought out to find a cure to the incurable.

    And it was about this time that both girls began to take up "secret identities" as Hato and Karasu. At first Dove had merely been doing this so as to be able to take on more challenging opponents as most people never opted to fight a little kid, much less a girl. But after Raven found out about Dove's cross-dressing she too joined Dove. Her reasons were a little different though, she merely wished to be able to be treated like a "normal" child after being babied and over-protected by everyone for everything from eating to swimming. Their identities as Hato and Karasu were surprisingly well kept under the pretenses of being cousins of families that visited the islands every couple of weeks or so. In time, becoming Hato and Karasu was more of a way to relieve their stress and to just hang out with each other as Raven's illness continued and the two spent less and less time together because of all the doctors and neighbors constantly around Raven.

    By the time Dove was ten she was becoming more and more involved with the black market often taking on underhand jobs and even illegal ones to get information. Her quick reactions proved vital to her survival as most jobs involved her fighting others, but her temper would unbalance that. Had one been paying closer attention to the younger twin they would have noticed she had become more withdrawn, spent less time with the other children, worked on moves that were particularly lethal and dangerous, and maybe they would have noticed she no longer lashed out at all the little things that had annoyed her earlier in life.

    Her time on Destiny Island would come to a close as she agreed to take on a completely underhanded job: assassinate the Mayor. Of course, Dove had never known this was the true intent of her assignment, she was still a child in essence. Bloodying her hands and killing innocents Dove carried out her assignment while in the back of her mind she was wondering why she was doing this. She knew it was wrong... but the desire to save Raven overcame the moral issues. Her once pure soul was darkening, as it had been ever since she had been created.

    For within her heart of hearts, there had always been a strong seed of darkness in her. Dove may have been all that Aki wanted to be: strong, healthy, powerful, but despite wanting to be so, Aki had known that such power would have tempted her. Why she choose to insert so much power into one soul we'll never know, but then again one can not make entirely wise decisions with death having such a strong grip about them. So, into Dove had went all of Aki's knowledge about fighting, her master of the ice and wind element, all of Aki's desire to live. The part of her that she might have been had she not become sickly and eventually bedridden at the young age of nineteen.

    Dove's actions hadn't gone without warning though. The town's defenses had doubled, nearly tripled and Raven herself was asked to place strong spells and enchantments about the Mayor's home... without Dove's knowledge. They would have asked Dove to protect the Mayor, but she couldn't be found. Dove was on the last leg of her assignment, targeting the Mayor himself now. But as she entered the Mayor's private quarters she found Raven with the Mayor midway through protective spells. Raven of course recognized her younger twin quite easily. Shocked and disappointed Raven would leave for home with their brotherly-father Argon, leaving Dove alone with the Mayor. Had she chosen to kill the Mayor as asked she might have received information on how to heal Raven once and for all rather than the petty potions the doctors concocted to relieve Raven of certain symptoms or some pain. But the rejection she had gotten from Raven overpowered her previous desire.

    Had she not been doing what was best for Raven? Hadn't she just been taking care of her, of them? Why... Why would Raven disapprove then? Why would she... she hate her? Why? But Raven didn't hate Dove, she was only disappointed. Disappointed and ashamed that Dove would go to such means for one life. In her mind and heart one life wasn't worth saving if you had to sacrifice others. Even a life for a life wasn't justified. Everyone would die one day, some would just die sooner than others. So for those that would die early, do what you can for them and make their passing peaceful. And those that would live long lives should do their best to make life easier on others, shouldn't end another's life so soon. Such was her reasoning and explanation to Dove.

    Dove herself didn't take it to heart completely, but agreed she would no longer kill, not unless pressed to do so. But that changed her and for the next year Dove would become convinced that Argon and Raven no longer wanted her or needed her. She could not yet forgive herself and as such she made life harder for herself than she need to. Her name had become blackened and none sought to understand why she had done so. Why a child would take such actions that involved murder and bloodshed. Shunned, alone, and still a child that had yet to understand the world Dove naturally felt as if no one loved her.. as if she were alone...

    She lived in Twilight Town now, not as heavily involved in the black-markets but still involved in fights. Of this, most were largely illegal and highly dangerous. Despite promising she would never kill again unless she had to, Dove sill enjoyed fighting. It simply wasn't her nature to sit back and relax and only fight when needed. She enjoyed fighting, she was powerful, and she was good. And fights earned you a lot of money, enough money to support both herself and sister back on Destiny Island. She still couldn't forgive herself or go back. She had came to Twilight Town to figure out who she was, what she was going to do, what her path in life was. Was she really as evil as the townspeople had made her out to be? Or was she capable of redeeming herself and being an angel like Raven?

    It should have been easy, easy to say that she'd stop and be good. But it wasn't. The very necklace about her neck called her death. For most of her childhood she had thought that mean she would die... die protecting someone she loved, die protecting Raven. That since Raven's said life she would live. But she was wrong. She was death because she killed others. She was the angel that brought down death onto a person. Raven was the dark angel who would save a person's life. She was the deceiver, the traitor... The necklace about her only served as warning and reminder, warning to others what she would do, and reminder that she would forever be sinful. For Raven, sweet, innocent Raven, her name was meant to protect her. The dark raven that signified death, who would want to mess with that? Few... But the necklace about her neck would calm others and tell them that she was no demon, that she was an angel that would heal them all even though she herself was dying. Dove was nothing more than an underhand way to sneak up on her enemies...

    Her world and ideals began to revolve around such a thought. A thought that she was destined to kill... destined to only cause pain and misery... But was that who she really was? Couldn't she be someone else?
    Raven & Dove in their natural state as females; Raven & Dove cross-dressing as males.

    Dove as "Hato" & Raven as "Karasu"

    Raven & Dove in Destiny Island

    Dove in Twilight Town

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Re: Dove, one half of Aki's soul

Post by Roxas on Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:43 pm

I have a few problems with the appearance...first off, i read the first part and realized it was too short, then you mentioned that her eyes seem to look around the world, we didn't ask for the way your eyes react or whatever, just the color would have done...then why does her tank top have to be semi-tight?...that's confusing...why does she like less clothing in the black she selling something that demands she wear less?....also if she dislikes being "gawked" at why does she dislike clothing so? why does she feel the need to show off her goodies?...I just don't even know if I can stand to look at this any longer.........

Oh and one more thing...I am completely joking, I am very pleased with everything here, you did an amazing job in every aspect of your application, just be sure to add in the History. My apologies, I couldn't miss the chance to give you a mini-heartattack lol. I look forward to RPing with you. Welcome, and after you add in the history, you are approved. Razz

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Re: Dove, one half of Aki's soul

Post by Dove on Fri Mar 19, 2010 5:51 pm

Finished for now. I may end up coming back to fix her history... but for now I'm satisfied with this summarized version of her history simply because I probably won't have much time to do the lengthy histories I like to do.

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Re: Dove, one half of Aki's soul

Post by Roxas on Sat Mar 20, 2010 6:50 am

Well you are approved, pleasure to have you on the site.

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Re: Dove, one half of Aki's soul

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