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James Hokkuro (approval needed)

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James Hokkuro (approval needed)

Post by CryingWolve on Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:34 pm

Name: James Hokkuro

Gender: male

Age: 23

Race: Half Wolf

Home World: Traverse Town

Appearance: stands at 5'11 has long black hair and grayish eyes, has a cross earring on his right ear. Always wears a cross necklace as well as a black jacket over a white collared shirt and plain black pants and black boots.

Personality: Doesn't talk without a reason to and has a deep mistrust of other people, though the few he does trust he will lay his life down to keep them safe. To most he seems dark and depressing but if one to were talk to him they would see his deeper thoughts and the truth behind his solemn gray eyes

Elemental Mastery: Primary element is over fire, secondary over water and the final and weakest is over earth

Weapons: Weapons of choice are swords with broad blades and great length, though if his mission calls for stealth he will use a slender knife with a curved blade

Fighting Style: much prefers close combat using his blade or hands, though if the fight calls for ranged combat he will attempt it if he fails he will try to enter close courters

Alignment: though he wishes to be seen as good he chooses to harder roads filled with pain and bloodshed

Affinities: general skills are being well versed in hand to hand combat and fighting with blades and melee weapons. has a small aptitude for magic and is constantly trying to improve, his strength makes up for his lack of speed

Weaknesses: due to poor eyesight long ranged weapons such as Bows are entirely useless, his speed isn't that above average and has terrible balance.

History: the first 13 years of life went by uneventfully until his parents were murdered in their home one night James tried to fight the murders but as unsuccessful and in this fight his body was brutally beaten, this caused his eyesight to drop to near blindness. He swore to find and kill the people who murdered his parents, he trained relentlessly in Travers Town before meeting a young wizard who's name he never found, this wizard sent him to The Land of Departure where he met Master Eruquis who through sympathy and intrigue took James as a student of the sword but chose not to show him the power of a keyblade seeing the darkness within James's heart. After years of training James left The Land of Departure back to Traverse Town where he only found bitter memories. after hunting down the men who murdered his parents he only came to 2 graves stating that through years the two repented their actions and became men of honor. This left James with an empty feeling that he decided to go and find a way to gain more power to help protect those without the power to protect themselves, this led him to find ancient scripts of an arcane language only slightly legible to him, after reciting one he found his body turn into that of a human and a wolf, this power was week at first but he trained and honed it, though to this day it is unstable and can only be used twice a day without causing harm to his body.


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Re: James Hokkuro (approval needed)

Post by Roxas on Sat Mar 05, 2011 10:42 pm

I enjoyed reading through your application. It's got a good amount of detail in it. I like how you weren't afraid to admit that your character had some weaknesses.

There's not really anything to correct or to question.

Just make sure that you make the transformation in the proper template and I'll be sure to check that out as well.

Otherwise, you have my stamp of approval.

If Grizzley or Riku has any questions, they'll post them.

Welcome to the site, it's good to have you onboard.

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Re: James Hokkuro (approval needed)

Post by DahliaBlackwood on Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:19 pm

*throws confetti* yay Wolfy's first approval! not bad for the first time typing it. Very Happy

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Re: James Hokkuro (approval needed)

Post by Sponsored content

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