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Mickey Mouse (History under construction)

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Mickey Mouse (History under construction)

Post by Mickey Mouse on Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:20 am

Name: Mickey Mouse

Gender: Male

Age: 100+. (81 years since Plane Crazy. He OWNED a HOUSE at the time. I assume he was in his mid 20's at the time. That'd put him between 106 to 111)

Race: Anthropomorphic Mouse

Home World: Disney Castle


Mickey stands just above two feet tall, including the ears. His body is covered in a very fine, short, black fur, save for his face. His ears are almost comically large, and round. His skin is pale peach, and his nose extends out in a snout-like appendage, ending in a round, black nubbin. He wears a black t-shirt with silvery cuffs. Puffed red pants with too many zippers cover his legs, and he wears yellow shoes that, for unknown reasons, have belts. Over his shirt, he wears a many-zippered red vest.

Personality: Mickey, believe it or not, is a complex character. He's usually quite cheerful, as you'd expect of a Disney character, but he's not nearly that one-dimensional. He has a deep sense of loyalty to his friends. He's shown to have a great depth of emotion, as well. He's known to be romantic, as he is in fact married. Unfortunately, he does in fact have a dark side. He's shown to have some real darkness in him, as, where Sora and Donald became depressed when Goofy took a "fatal" blow, Mickey became enraged, charging into the army of Heartless at full speed.

Elemental Mastery:

Primary: Light
Secondary: Cure
Tertiary: Space

Weapons: Keyblade

Fighting Style: Mickey's Keyblade style is much like Riku's. Quich, cloak-and-dagger style tactics, although Mickey is far and away faster, and more agile. He'd be best described as a "Samurai". Lightning-quick strikes and combo attacks.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Affinities: High speed and magic skill, incredible attack ability.

Weaknesses: Subpar strength, lightweight.


(NOTE: Does not yet include Pre-Game and BBS info)

When Mickey, sovereign King of Disney Castle, noticed the stars going dark, he had no choice. As King, he had to journey out into the worlds. His training with the legendary Yen Sid gifted him with the power of the Keyblade. During his training with Yen Sid-

[Connection lost. Attempting to reconnect...]

[Connection re-established]

*static* His travels eventually led him to Radiant Garden, where he met both Ansem and Xehanort. Xehanort immediately gave Mickey a bad feeling. Fearing the worse, he left instructions for Donald and Goofy to find the Keymaster of Light, as he himself descended into the Realm of Darkness. By the time he found his prize, the Kingdom Key D, Sora had found the path to Kingdom Hearts, and the two managed to seal the gates.

It was at this time that Mickey began traveling with Riku. As the Dark Keymaster ascended higher into Castle Oblivion, all the while fending off Xehanort's Heartless, and the Organization, he served as a sort of beacon for Riku, keeping him sane. Eventually, with the help of Namine, Mickey was able to save Riku, and the search for Roxas began.

Mickey was on the lookout for Roxas, when he ran across Riku again, whose darkness was overunning him. Ready to fight him in his Xehanort form, Riku quickly applied his blingfold, revealing the truth. Promising to keep it a secret, he continued his search, aiding Riku whenever he could.

Things really began moving ahead when Sora was restored. Working behind the scenes, aiding Sora whenever he could, he eventually ordered Sora to continue his journey, and soon found his attempts to be exercises in futility, and stood alongside Sora in the Battle of a Thousand Heartless. When Goofy takes an apparently fatal blow, Mickey takes a personal vendetta against the Heartless, and went on to slay many waves of the fiends with no help. He leapt into the Corridor of Darkness after Xemnas, eventually getting lost, and returning to Twilight Town. Using his wisdom to help Sora and Co. into the Castle that Never Was, and, unfortunately, was barred from aiding them thanks to Xemnas's machinations. Shortly after the battle, and Sora and Riku's return to the island, he returned to his wife, Minnie. However, it would seem there is no rest for the righteous, and with a mysterious journal entry in the first of Jiminy's diaries, which was blank, save for two cryptic messages, the long process of digitalization began. Until the process is complete, we will not know who "They" are, Where Mickey must "Return" to, and why "They" are being "Tormented"

"We must return to free them from their torment."

Inwardly wishing things didn't always have to be so complicated, he found himself unable to do much during the process. Refusing to just stay inactive, he once more returned to Yen Sid, intrigued by Sora's "Drive Forms". He's still yet to fully grasp the concept of the Keyblade being able to withhold power, or perhaps being unable to reach that power, but it's all a matter of time. He has once more set out into the worlds, as a new threat comes to his attention, a vague darkness at the very edge of his senses...

Mickey Mouse

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Re: Mickey Mouse (History under construction)

Post by MrsGrizzley on Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:02 am


Good to see you again, King Mickey.

Get that history finished so I can stamp this.


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