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Talone CrossHook: Lost MaloGriff

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Talone CrossHook: Lost MaloGriff

Post by DahliaBlackwood on Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:15 am

Talone CrossHook

Name: Talone CrossHook

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Race: Malogriff( part griffin humanoid creatures with the ability to transform into full griffins)

Home World: originally from a world called Noralia,now resides in Twilight town.

Appearance: Talone has lightly tanned skin with darker stripes down her back, tail, shoulders, and on her cheeks. She is rather short for her race standing 6 ft.She has large chocolate brown wings with tan plumes mixed in. They span 13ft from wing tip to wing tip.  She has a 4ft tail that is tan with brown fur at the tip.  She has narrow bright green eyes that appear to glow.  Her Left eye is covered with an eye patch. She has long pointed ears with many piercings in them. The whole left side of her body is covered in scars. The left side of her head has long, spiky brown hair while the right is shaven down to 3 inches. She has long legs with bird like feet with 3 large powerful claws that can hold you in a vice grip. She wears small fingerless gloves of dark orange with purple trim. She wears similar short toeless feet covers of the same color. She wears a sleeveless dress with a high collar of light purple with dark purple trim. She has a a dark orange tube top and kaki shorts. A dark kaki belt with 2 bags attached to it. She has a thigh belt in tan with pouches for throwing needles and her hunting knife.

Personality: Talone is quiet violent streak. She mainly stays to herself since left her flock. She can be impatient at times when explaining how things work, but keeps a calm demeanor. If you mention anything about her family, mainly her brother, she gets defensive and highly volatile to the person that mentions them. When she is alone her harsh, cold expression softens into a look of sadness.

Elemental Mastery: 
 Primary: Air
 Secondary: Lightning
Tertiary: Time 

Weapons: a set of 3 clawed gauntlets with a matching set for her feet. They are 2 ft long with hooked ends. They are called Knuckle Dusters.

Fighting Style: mid distance fighting. She uses her legs with their sharp bird taloned feet to strike at enemies or slash them with her Knuckle Dusters before darting off and flying upward into the air and out of reach.

Alignment: neutral

Affinities: she is extremely fast when she runs but even faster when she flies. She is the best at making deliveries around Twilight Town by flying over the skies at night. She is a highly skille lock pick and code breaker. She can use her index claw or pinky claw to pick most locks in a few seconds but needs at least a minute or so to break number or letter coded locks.

Weaknesses: she cannot stand large bodies of water. When ever her wings get wet she is unable to fly due to her feathers being more like fur and holding water for up to 4 hours after they are drenched.  Any form of chain reinforced with rubber binding can keep her in place for hours unless it has a lock that she can pick.

History: Talone grew up as a city trapped MaloGriff. both her parents were clip winged and declawed to fit in better with the Novans( elven like humans) of the higher city. Her parents served a Novan but she wouldn't submit to being a slave to one that is trapped to the ground. At the age of 10 her parents had her forth heel claw painfully removed. A week before they were going to clip her wings, she and her little brother Lyle ran off to the out skirts of the city. They ended up in the care of a flock of rouge MaloGriffs. Talone matured fast and became second in command with being the fastest flyer in the flock. She kept her brother close to her until she was attacked by a crawbear(reptilian bear) during one of her diliveries to another flock. The whole left side of her body was maimed by the beast, needing months of medical attention to heal. She left the flock and Lyle soon after she was healed from the attack. As she ventured further into the forest she came across a cloaked figure going though a portal. curiosity getting the better of her, she drew close to the portal and entered after the cloaked figure. It lead her to the forest of Twilight Town, leaving her there with no way to get back to her home. She is still trying to find the cloaked figure believing they will know how to get her back home to her flock and brother.


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Re: Talone CrossHook: Lost MaloGriff

Post by MrsGrizzley on Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:26 am

I'd kinda like to see more detail in Affinities and you can have a third element as Tertiary if you want.

Also, on Weaponry, the specifics need to be written up in a Weapon Template in the appropriate forum. That section is for Weapon Types that the character uses. But that's fairly apparent from your description.

All in all, looks pretty good to start.


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Re: Talone CrossHook: Lost MaloGriff

Post by MrsGrizzley on Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:51 am

Alright, more info in Affinities, check.

Fixed the Element Tree, check.

Looks good to me.



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Re: Talone CrossHook: Lost MaloGriff

Post by Sponsored content

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