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Squall Leonheart

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Squall Leonheart

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:13 pm

Character Template

Name: Squall Leonheart

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Race: Human, SeeD Agent

Home World: Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion

Appearance: In Kingdom Hearts, Leon's appearance is similar to his original appearance in Final Fantasy VIII, but with several differences. He bears some resemblance to Tetsuya Nomura's original design for Squall Leonhart, sporting long, brown hair as opposed to the short hair he had in his original game. Leon retains the black gloves, black shoes (each with a zipper lining it), silver Griever necklace and white undershirt that Squall had, and his short, black jacket is similar. Leon's jacket, however, lacks the fur collar, is short-sleeved (whereas Squall's sleeves were quite baggy), bears red wings on the back (presumably a reference to Rinoa's duster), and has a red Griever symbol on each shoulder.

Leon wears three brown belts on his left forearm and has three buckles on his right thigh, while Squall wore three black belts on his left thigh. Leon's black pants also sport a vertical zipper going down the side of each leg. Leon wears two brown belts and two black ones around his hips, all of which are quite loose except for one, a black one worn properly around his waist. Squall only wore two brown belts. his eyes are blue and he has Squall's distincive scar, which runs diagonally across the bridge of his nose.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Leon's appearance changes slightly to match Squall's original appearance more. His hair becomes a lighter shade of brown, shorter (though still rather long), and his bangs sweep to the left side of his face in the same manner as Squall's. He also adds the white fur collar to his jacket that was absent in Kingdom Hearts.

Personality: Squall at first began as a very cold and stand-offish person, wanting nothing to do with other people or their problems, rightfully naming him the lone wolf. All in all he was self absorbed and self centered, however, he was always ready to fight for what was right and believed whole heartedly in the ways of the righteous. However, after interaction with people through out his life he was able to connect with a few people and began opening up to them and has accumulated a few friends for his time with them. He is still rather quiet and slow to talk or open up to new people, but he is a bit friendlier and open. However, if you want to get to know him, you will have to approach him first. All he expects are people to be truly good people, and will other wise be one of the best friends you could ever have.

Elemental Mastery:
Primary: Wind
Secondary: Fire
Territary: Life

Weapons: Gunblade - Revolver

Fighting Style: Squall is a power hitter and anyone who is fought him knows that he takes his job as a warrior very seriously. He is very calm and analytical in battle, and is also a very talented coordinator of attack. He picks power over simple brute strength so is not among the heaviest power hitters in terms of strength, but that does not mean that if he does score a hit that it will be any less devastating. He favors using his gunblade in battle over fists, but typically only uses the gun part as a secondary follow up to him scoring a hit with the blade itself. He tries to keep magic use to a minimum and uses that primarily for the purposes of getting slight advantages and defense.

Alignment: Squall is lawful good. He doesnt adhere or advocate anything that would insight chaos within the realms. He is very much for anything that can restore order, hence his great hate for the heartless.

Affinities: Squall is well rounded in battle and is very good with strategies, having a very sharp mind. He is especially good with his gunblade which is a very odd shaped and difficult to use weapon.

Weaknesses: He is very antisocial and offstandish until you get to know him, or if the situation calls for it. Though he has opened up greatly compared to what he used be, he is still a bit of a loner. He is also not well versed in using a lot of magic and try's to restrict himself from using it only when it can enhance a strategic maneuver or if a quick defense etc. is needed.

Squall Leonhart grew up in the paradise world of Radiant Garden until it was consumed by darkness. Ashamed and angry that he was unable to defend his home and his loved ones from the Heartless, Squall assumed the name of Leon in order to distance himself from his past, vowing never to use his real name until the Heartless are defeated and his world restored.

One of the few survivors from Radiant Garden, Leon awakened in Traverse Town along with fellow Radiant Garden refugees Yuffie, Aerith and Cid. During his teenage years, Leon formed the Resistance against the Heartless, effectively keeping an area of Traverse Town safe against Maleficent and the growing tide of Heartless. He was also known to travel between Worlds in his Gummi Ship, assisting other refugees in peril and relocate them to Traverse Town. His actions did not go unnoticed, eventually gaining the attention and confidence of King Mickey who was watching the growing battle warily.

Nine years after Radiant Garden's fall, which is now renamed as Hollow Bastion, when the wielder of the Keyblade was revealed, King Mickey ordered Goofy and Donald to find Leon, trusting that Leon would inform them of the circumstance and help them find the wielder, Sora. It turned out, however, that Leon had already found Sora within the safe First District of Traverse Town, challenging and either defeating the boy in a duel or being defeated before dragging Sora back to the resistance's hideout; a room in one of Traverse Town's motels. There Leon and Yuffie explained to Sora about the Heartless and his destiny as the Keyblade's chosen one. Uniting Sora with the newly arrived Donald and Goofy, Leon then sent them on their way.

When Sora, Donald, and Goofy returned to Traverse Town again seeking Leon's help, they find him in the Secret Waterway, underneath Merlin's house, training. Here he offers information about the Keyholes of each World that lead to the heart of the World. He explains that the Heartless are drawn to the Heart's power and would corrupt it, thus causing the world to disappear; which is why Sora's Keyblade is so important, because it has the power to seal them from the Heartless.

Leon also gives Sora the Earthshine Gem which contained the spirit of Simba, for luck. Later after they move to the newly accommodated base; a previously abandoned house deep in Heartless territory, Leon and co. tells Sora about Maleficent and about Ansem and his journal before once again, seeing Sora, Donald and Goofy off.

He also gives Geppetto and Pinocchio a place to live after they escape from Monstro.
Escaping to Traverse Town from Hollow Bastion Sora, Donald, Goofy and Kairi sought shelter with Leon's group. Sora informed Leon of everything that had happened prompting him to follow Sora and co. when they left for the final battle with Maleficent in Hollow Bastion.

After Sora defeats the Behemoth Heartless that guards Hollow Bastion's Keyhole, Leon stands waiting to bid their farewells, for after, Sora seals the heart of all Worlds: Kingdom Hearts, the two groups might never see each other again. Later Leon, Yuffie and Aerith can be seen wandering the Hollow Bastion Library, reading the books. After Sora sealed Kingdom Hearts and returned the universe to its order, Leon, Yuffie and Aerith are reunited with Cid and Cloud in Hollow Bastion.

After the defeat of Ansem, while skirmishing through Castle Oblivion Sora, Donald and Goofy later meet Leon and his friends in a memory-based version of Traverse Town. However, like the town itself, little did Sora and his party realize that Leon and his friends were actually the product of Sora's memories that were being manipulated by Naminé. Due to that, the Leon and his friends that Sora encounter have no memories of ever meeting Sora, but somehow know his name which they could not explain how. Like the Leon from the first game, he nonetheless decides to help Sora and co., such as by teaching Sora the card-based system as well as providing the Simba and the Key of Guidance cards in order for Sora to proceed. Before Sora leaves, Leon ensures him that he'll be okay, no matter what shape reality takes, and that while he may not remember Sora, he knows that he is in his heart.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Leon is seen to be slightly more cheerful than he was in the original Kingdom Hearts, as he and others are rebuilding their home with Leon being the leader of the "Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee," which is composed of the returning Final Fantasy cameos from the first Kingdom Hearts and of Merlin. He fights alongside Sora in one of the fights near the beginning of the game when Nobodies attempt to make a move on the city. Sleeping Lion, a Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts II, is another reference to Squall. During the Battle of the 1000 Heartless, he, along with many other characters, including Tifa and Cloud, helps Sora fight the Heartless on the Ravine Trail in the Hollow Bastion (later named Radiant Garden).

By the time they visit again, the town is infested with Heartless from Space Paranoids. While Sora, Donald and Goofy set off to Space Paranoids to help Tron, Leon goes to pick up the Eradicator Program that Cid has been working on to defeat the Master Control Program for good. They eventually succeed and Tron is able to remind everyone of the town's true name.
Leon plays the largest role for any Final Fantasy character in Kingdom Hearts II storywise, the only Final Fantasy character that has relations to King Mickey, and works very close to Sora and company. Leon is also the only Final Fantasy character in the game to come face to face with Organization XIII and fight the Nobodies. He seems to be a good friend to both Cloud and Aerith



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Re: Squall Leonheart

Post by MrsGrizzley on Sat Mar 13, 2010 6:12 pm

Hmm . . . looks good to me.

However, Supplementary magics are not an Element.

I'm not entirely certain what element would be best for his tertiary slot, though. Maybe Earth or Life/Cure? So far as I know we aren't limiting people to only using those elements which are on their mastery tree so that's not going to prevent you from using anything that you need to.

If you can fix that then I can stamp this.


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Re: Squall Leonheart

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:50 pm



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Re: Squall Leonheart

Post by MrsGrizzley on Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:52 pm

Looks good to me.

Unless Roxas has something to say because I missed something . . .



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Re: Squall Leonheart

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