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Dark Link, A Mere Reflection (WIP)

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Dark Link, A Mere Reflection (WIP)

Post by Dark Link on Fri Mar 12, 2010 11:56 pm

History is still under co.

The current character you are about to read about is the cannon character Dark Link, from the legend of Zelda series. The information you are about to read, in many aspects is false and has been added to the characters bio as an extension of the character to give more detailed information as to how the character is being portrayed. As the roleplayer I do not in any way, shape, or form own Dark Link. Except for the added information, any other information regarding this character (and the character its self) belongs to Nintendo.

Name: Dark Link

Gender: Male

Age: True age is unknown, looks to be in late teens, early twenties.


Home World: Hyrule, Water Temple

Appearance: Dark link is just that, a dark version of Link (The Hero of Time) His tunic is black, as well as the rest of his clothing. His skin color is a dark gray, and his short hair is silver. The most piercing quality about him, are his crimson red eyes.

Personality: Dark link's personality is just a reflection of the Hero of Times personality. Unlike his light counter part, he shows strong signs of hatred and aggression towards others. Calm and collected, its hard to tell what this guy is really thinking. Once his calm demeanor disappears, he allows his full rage to pull through.

Elemental Mastery:
Primary: Darkness
Secondary: Twilight
Tertiary: Fire

Weapons: His main weapon is a sword, one that mimics the legendary sword link possesses. His weapons, like his very being, mimic that of Links. He uses a large variety of weapons such as the bow and arrows, hook shot, bombs, hammer, etc.

Fighting Style: It really depends on which weapon he is usually. Since his main weapon is a sword, his style of choice is close range. It also depends on what his opponent does. He has a habit of mimicking, not only Link, but other enemies as well. He has a very flexible fighting style

Alignment: Dark is seen as chaotic, however his true motives are unknown. He is a mere shadow of the person he mimics. Being easily influenced to feel like he belongs in this world, he for some reason prefers leaning toward the path of evil.

Affinities: He can mimic another abilities, not perfectly, but enough to allow him to have a slight edge over his opponents fighting style.

Weaknesses: His weak points are his back. His fighting style tends to leave his body very open. Using quick thrusts and bellowing attacks, he leaves himself open for easy counters. Though he can mimic a fighters skill, he cannot mimic their magical ability.

History: (What is your character's past? Where have they been? Where are they going? What are their plans for the future? What are their major goals?)


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Re: Dark Link, A Mere Reflection (WIP)

Post by Roxas on Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:57 pm

You didn't have to add in the whole "disclaimer" deal dude lol.

Just bump it when you're finished.

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