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Zassou Okugi

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Zassou Okugi

Post by Zassou on Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:48 pm

Character Template

Name: Zassou Okugi

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Race: Human

Home World: Hollow Bastion/Radiant Gardens

Appearance: Zassou is around average height for his age, standing at 6' and weighing 160 pounds. His hair is a dark brown and it stands above his head, spikey yet short. His eyes are blue and they twinkle in the light when he is happy or excited and pierce like ice when he is angry. He has a medium size nose like most other people and he also has high cheek bones which compliment his strong jaw.

His skin is tan from being out in the sun alot working on his hand to hand fighting. From all the fighting training his body has become lean and muscular, toning up his muscles and making him have very prominent abs and calf muscles. On most days he will be seen wearing a tight fitting black tank top with black pants and a chocker around his neck. He wears armbands on both arms and on his feet are small shoes that fit perfectly to his feet, almost like he is bare footed so he can move quickly.

Personality: Zassou isn't your average human. Some people belive him to have MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) but this is not the case. He has many many sides to the same personality. Not many people have ever seen his true personality, or even know what the real him is like. He hides his true feelings, even his true intentions behind many masks.

The first mask Zassou ever put up was one of a careless soul. A person who didn't even care what was going on around him. This made everyone around him think that he was some simple asshole, lounging around and just being lazy. This was not the case. He truly did care but fearing attachment he put up that wall as if he didn't so that people would stay away from him. It made things much simpler.

The second mask Zassou put up was one of a sadistic bastard. Going from being careless to enjoying pain, enjoying people getting hurt and even causing pain to others just because he wanted to. People viewed him more as trash after this, trying to stay away from him so that they wouldn't come to any harm. This also kept him from becoming attached to someone, one of his worst fears.

The third and final mask that Zassou put up was one of playfulness and joy. While it acted like this people would actually come around him, although it took them awhile to regain their trust for him. This was a way for him to get people close to him, but not too close. They enjoyed his company but he could simply change the way he was acting and they would leave without a second thought. Everyone knew how Zassou acted.

In battle Zassou is like a stone, never showing any sign of what he's thinking. This throws some opponents off. They expect him to be overly excited or scared but all they find is a steel wall before them, giving away no secrets. He enjoys fighting, saying it gives him a rush. For an odd reason he loves when his sword cuts into flesh. He figures it's from the sadistic mask he put up, becoming a part of him in some ways.

Zassou's true personality is one of a ladies man and something of a gambler. He enjoys the game of dice and will go for high stakes. His luck never seems to run out and he wins most games he plays. He also has a way with women, no matter what he's acting like. They seem to come to him in hoardes and he can't stop the small grin from spreading across his face every time a woman comes around. Zassou just enjoys the simple things in life.

Elemental Mastery:
Primary: Wind
Secondary: Light
Tertiary: Lightning

Weapons: Kusarigama is a traditional Japanese weapon that consists of kama (the Japanese equivalent of a sickle) on a metal chain (manriki) with a heavy iron weight at the end.

Fighting Style: When using this weapon, Zassou can switch between close and long ranged attacks. The closed ranged aspect is when he uses the kusasrigama's sickle past cut and slash the enemy. While attacking long ranged, Zassou will swing the chain over his head and entangle his opponents, sword, spear, or other weapon. He can also throw the sickle at the opponent and use the chain so he doesn't lose it. Attacking like this isn't always smart since the sickle can simply bounce off the opponent with no harm done.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Affinities: Zassou has excellent aim with his weapon, able to throw it from up to 20 feet away and still have a high chance of hitting them. He is also fast, able to run circles around most opponents and wear them out.

Weaknesses: Zassou has one major flaw. He is over confident in many situation, thinking he is better than other opponents due to his training. This makes hime xtremely cocky and sometimes ends in his defeat.

History: Zassou was born on Hollow Bastion to a small family. They lived happily, keeping each other company and having a good time. As Zassou got older, he started to branch away from his family, spending more and more time alone. They noticed this but didn't try to bring him back in their inner circle and instead let him become his own man, living on his own and making little to no friends. He travelled all around Hollow Bastion, visiting every place he could find and learning everything. He soon became quite smart and skilled in combat.

After leaving Hollow Bastion to travel around the rest of the worlds, Zassou started fighting more and more. He became something of a expert at using the weapons he owned and conquered almost every foe. More travels and more fights started to let Zassou into his dark side. He started to enjoy the chaos of battle and even loved the blood of his enemies staining his weapon. Not long after he ended his travels, he donned a cloack and returned to Hollow Bastion, wearing the cloak to hide his appearance. That is where he stays now.



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Re: Zassou Okugi

Post by MrsGrizzley on Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:03 am

Changing characters?

Well, you've got permission for it, I saw that.

Be sure to change your name and all that, too.

Everything looks to be in place, but I'll let Roxas have the final say on the matter.


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Re: Zassou Okugi

Post by Roxas on Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:40 am

I'm rather impressed by your new character. Unless MrsGrizzley has a problem, I say it's approved.

I'll have your name changed right away. Be sure to sign in as your new character.

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Re: Zassou Okugi

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