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Luxord, The Gambler of Fate

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Luxord, The Gambler of Fate

Post by Paleo Luxord on Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:36 pm

Character Template

Name: Luxord, The Gambler of Fate

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown but looks to be around twenty three years old

Race: Nobody

Home World: The World That Never Was

Appearance: Luxord wears the usual all-black attire of Organization members, but his cloak is somewhat different than normal, sporting slightly pointed shoulders and very loose sleeves. Luxord's platinum blond (almost white) hair is very short and worn in a Caesar cut, and he has blue eyes. He is also the only member of Organization XIII to have a beard or mustache, his being a goatee and the same blond color as his hair. Luxord wears five silver piercings on his ears; four helix piercings in the form of two hoops on each ear and one piercing shaped like the Nobody symbol dangling from one earlobe. The latter piercing hangs from his left ear and his right so both are pierced. He also stands around six feet tall and weights one hundred and eighty pounds, his skin is slightly tanned and he is well built for a man who uses cards to fight.

Personality: Luxord is the type of man that likes to not talk so much unless he really needs to, or if the conversation interest him enough. He is always ready to play a game of chance, and if there is a chance for a reward to be won then all the better for him. He has a British accent which equals him acting very upper class like and he actually pulls it off, he is also a bit of a witty character who uses a large vocabulary. As long as he isn't bored or being bothered in some way he tends to be a rather mellow man, but get him angry or find him when he is bored out of his wits and you might have to worry about getting killed.

Elemental Mastery: Primary: Time
Secondary: Twilight
Tertiary: Darkness

Weapons: Playing Cards, Dice, anything that is related to gambling.

Fighting Style: He prefers to keep a person as far away from him as possible when he is fighting someone, he will of course go into close range fighting though if range attacks are getting him no where. He will try to trick and confuse people with his card tricks and also, he likes to use his magic to cause some trouble as well. While in a fight get ready to see him dart around the place, he isn't the type to just stand still and let people hit him.

Alignment: Neutral

Affinities: He is very good with using the time element and because of this he is also quite fast with him speeding up time around him, he is very good with using gambling type weapons to attack. He has quite a brain on him so it is hard to outwit him due to his high intellect, also NEVER play a game with him as you will ALWAYS loose. Oh and his magical power is quite good as well.

Weaknesses: He is weak to the space element and Keyblades a bit more damage to him than other weapons, his love of games can get him into trouble as he sometimes puts himself into dangerous situations just to make something more interesting. He is not the best when it comes to melee combat, and his endurance is not that great either.

History: Luxord past is pretty much unknown up till the point he became a member of Organization XIII and named The Gambler of Fate, he was first spotted by Sora and the crew back on Hollow Bastion along with the other remaining Organization members. Though he said nothing to Sora back then he would become a thorn in the hero's side in due time, this becoming true when he is in the world called Port Royal and had stolen the cursed pirate gold. He had used this gold to produce a powerful heartless called Grim Reaper who was indestructible as long as all the gold was not in the chest.

But sadly the heartless was defeated by Sora and his friends but at least Luxord was able to take the powerful heart the heartless left behind and return it to Kingdom hearts, so at the very least it wasn't a total and utter lost as he still got something for his troubles. After that he faced off against Sora again in The World that Never Was and had kept Sora's friends getting involved by using his powers and cards to separate the group. After that he challenged Sora to a game of time where the looser dies and the winner lives, and while Luxord used all the tricks he could he lost the fight when Sora used up all his time.

Because of that most figured the Gambler of Fate was gone forever when he faded away into darkness after Sora defeated him, but Luxord had one more game of chance to play. He gathered up the very last bits of his powers and used his control of time and fate to turn back the clock on himself, and with that he was just barely able to save himself from oblivion. But it came at a price that could change many things, firstly his powers were weakened greatly and also his memories were very badly damaged. He didn't know much of anything besides his name, what he is, and how to fight and now it was a race against time for good and evil to get him to join their side.


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Paleo Luxord
Paleo Luxord

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Re: Luxord, The Gambler of Fate

Post by MrsGrizzley on Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:42 pm

Okay, I like the history, I like the plot twist about him being neutral and amnesiac, sort of.

There is Canon support for Time as an Element, though, so I'm going to suggest that you be careful with how you approach it.

Unless Roxas has an issue with this, I'll put a provisional stamp on it.



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