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Jenova.... I am "Mother"

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Jenova.... I am "Mother"

Post by Shade Leonhart on Sun Jul 25, 2010 4:53 pm

((As per agreement to giving up my options of having Party Members in order to do this, I assumed to put Jenova in the Main section. Roxas?? Do you want her to have a separate account? Let me know ^^ ))

Name: Jenova

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown though physical age puts her around twenty five.

Race: Alien

Home World: Realm of Darkness

In past references from an unnamed planet, Jenova appeared as a blue skinned, female like being with eyes on her chest and other such foreign body parts, but this version of her is much different as she has chosen a human like form as her new host. At first glance, she appears as a petit, innocent young woman who looks delicate and defenseless.

She now stands a modest 5’ 5” and weighs only one hundred and forty pounds. Her skin color is a healthy ivory, her hair is long and white/platinum in color, and her eyes are blue, although the pupils are thin slits like a cat when she becomes angry.

Her outfit consist of a light brown dress that is sheer material and see through on the sleeves so one can see the arms through them, although the fabric is far more concealing over her chest and the rest of her body. The dress does have a tawny color to it as well, that has an open hem down the middle of the front part of the dress. The collar line is beaded blue and she also wears intricate jewelry.

Jenova is a being that desires power, utter control, and destruction for the most part of her existence, though as of now, she is also one to enjoy all that life in a human form can give her. She is easily an evil being as she can kill women and children just as easily as she kills a fly. She will use her seductive personality to get what she wants due to how she has observed and learned about how an attractive body can be of use.

Simply put, she is manipulative in both false personality and actions of betrayal; only working with others if they can be of use to her. She does not know of loyalty or of love or any associated emotions due to how they were never any use to her.

Elemental Mastery:
Primary: Darkness
Secondary: Gravity
Tertiary: Non-elemental

Weapons: Whips for time being

Fighting Style:
Jenova loves to keep her opponent far away from her if she can since she finds them unworthy of being close to her. The only time she gets close is if she is trying to infect them of course. She will normally use her whip to disarm and disable an opponent and she will also try to destroy someone with her spells if they become too much trouble for her to want to keep toying around with them.

Alignment: Chaotic

Jenova is very good with her spells. If you get hit by one, it won't be very pleasant at all.

She is an extremely powerful magic user and she won’t go down easily. Her physical strength is not impressively strong but she isn't a weakling either.

She is highly intelligent due to how she has absorbed the knowledge of so many different creatures and life forms during her existence. Jenova is also quite resistant to darkness attacks of any kind, being that she is a creature of darkness herself.

Not extremely strong physically so one could overpower her with brute force if they can get close enough to her. Her magical defense is a little lacking as well, due to how she normally does not need to deal with spells being thrown at her.

Her speed is is considered average at her current weakened state, but will grow in due time. All the while she must be careful with her powers as to not loose control of her infected hosts. Pray that you are not one of them.

Also, she is weak against holy attacks, but only because of its holy attributes and not because of the light. Light alone doesn't effect her much. It is holy light that appears to effect her.

Not much is known of Jenova’s origins before her existence upon the Planet where centuries later the ShinRa corporation accidentally discovered her remains and mistook her for one of an extinct race. From there, her remaining DNA was used in SOLDIER experiments. No one knew exactly of Jenova’s persona, only that she was a being of great power who sought out to destroy entire worlds and used whatever means to do so.


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Shade Leonhart
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Attitude Adjuster

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Re: Jenova.... I am "Mother"

Post by MrsGrizzley on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:19 pm

Well, I don't know if Roxas wants you to have a separate account for her or not. I haven't been able to talk to him in a while.

However, I can see nothing glaringly out of place in the Template. Everything looks good to go from this end.


Edit: This character now has her own Account from which to cause chaos and manipulate people around her. She is Jenova, fear her.


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