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Kairi, Princess of Heart

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Kairi, Princess of Heart

Post by MrsGrizzley on Fri Mar 12, 2010 2:40 pm

((Yeah, might as well keep the character))

Character Template

Name: Kairi, the Seventh Princess of Heart
Gender: female
Age: about 15 to 17 (post KH2)
Race: Human
Home World: Destiny Islands (formerly of Radiant Garden)

Appearance: Kairi is a young woman with reddish-brown hair and strikingly blue eyes. She wears pink and white, a pink zippered dress with a white inset, a black leather belt with loops and purple and white shoes, though her school uniform is a white sleeveless top with a blue plaid skirt and a blue necktie. Her shoes are more conservatively dark with tall stockings. While not beautiful in a conventional sense, there is a sweetness to her that is still very attractive. She has let her hair grow some since she was younger and it brushes her shoulders and beyond. She lets it fall straight and loose, without any adornments at all.

Personality: She is kind and gentle, a sweetheart in the truest sense of the word. She has no darkness in her heart or soul; this means that some are drawn to her to aid her and others are drawn to her to try to extinguish her Light. She is, however, not afraid to speak her mind and is not known for shyness, having grown up almost completely surrounded by boys. She takes her own mysteries in stride, not letting the holes in her story get her down, unlike the way Sora responds to those same holes, for instance (darn Sora anyway). She has grown into an almost melancholy wisdom, a sensitivity that comes from trial and separation.

Elemental Mastery: Primary: Holy/ Light, Secondary: Cure, Tertiary: Fire

Weapons: She is a Keyblade wielder. It was made for her by Riku from his memories of the times they spent in the Destiny Islands together.

Fighting Style: She fights? I mean, she's got that Keyblade that Riku gave her, but still, the Princess fighting in her own defense??? Apparently, though, she was able to hold her own with the weapon, so she seems to have some natural ability, it's just largely undeveloped as of yet. Since receiving the Keyblade from Riku, though, she has started trying to learn how to use the weapon without hurting herself in the process, or at least get to a point where she doesn't embarrass them by fighting at their side. She doesn't want to be the weakling in the group anymore.

Alignment: Kairi is Good aligned, with no darkness in her heart or soul.

Affinities: She has great taste in friends and the ability to inspire loyalty in them that on occasion outweighs the self-preservative instinct. In point of fact, her ability to make friends is virtually unmatched. She can befriend all but the most darkened of individuals, and even they are hard pressed to actually cause her physical harm. It is more likely that she is simply imprisoned somewhere. She does have, as yet, undeveloped magical talents involving making the gifts of others stronger and restoring lost humanity to the Heartless as seen with Sora (though what had he done for her other than becoming Heartless to save her in the first place . . . oh yeah, that).

Weaknesses: She seems to have the standard Princess weakness of being a magnet for evil plots and kidnappings. In honesty, it's her greatest talent. No joke, if there's a bad guy with evil intent within a world's radius of her, he will latch onto her as the focus of his plan and she will find herself in all sorts of danger because of it. She doesn't have much in the way of fighting ability to stand up for herself, even though she is more than willing to speak up.

History: Kairi grew up in the Destiny Islands with Sora and Riku, but she wasn't born there. She was born in Radiant Garden. She was sent to the Destiny Islands as part of a plot to test her natural tendencies along with those of a future Keyblade wielder. Kairi was one of the Princesses of Heart who were needed to keep darkness at bay.

Interestingly enough, Kairi doesn't know who her parents were, or whether she is a princess by birth or simply by inclination and nature. She was sent to the Destiny Islands in a meteor shower when she was four years old and adopted by the mayor. She doesn't remember much from before, and it doesn't bother her as much as it does others. Unfortunately, there's a side effect to being a Princess of any sort. It meant that when the bad guys came to the Destiny Islands, she ended up in mortal danger because of it.

Her two best friends in the whole world are Sora and Riku, who sometimes fought a bit for her attention. Not that she minded as long as the rivalry wasn't serious. She is too kind-hearted to let that sort of resentment fester. After all, they are both her friends. For some reason, though, her heart attached to Sora (some girls I will never understand) and when the Heartless attacked that was all that saved her, sort of. She ended up comatose from it, but her tendency to inspire loyalty meant that Sora cared enough about her to sacrifice himself to restore her.

The restoration, though, was not without consequence. Two Nobodies were created from Sora and Kairi. Sora's was Roxas. Kairi's was Namine.

Namine, under duress, caused all the memories of Sora to be lost and shattered, disconnecting him from all who loved him, and when those connections were starting to reform, the first to begin to remember him was Kairi (again, some girls I will never understand). She was standing on a beach looking out at the sun over the water. Selphie was with her, but Selphie didn't remember anything yet, only Kairi had begun to faintly remember someone else with them when they were growing up on the islands. It is at this point that yet again her Princess tendencies put her at the focus of evil plots and just as she remembers about Sora, she ends up kidnapped and used as hostage bait to try to hurt him (again with the Sora, wake up, girl!). She is rescued, though, by Riku (she should catch a stinkin' clue) who gives her a Keyblade to use to defend herself.

When the evil plots are overthrown and all is restored, then the three friends return to the Destiny Islands together, aided by a letter that Kairi herself had thrown into the ocean with the hope that it would eventually reach Sora, which it did. She was waiting for Sora and Riku when they returned to her, and was glad to see both of them. It can only be presumed that the rivalry between the two friends for the attention of the third will continue. Shortly afterwards she is seen carrying a letter to the three of them from King Mickey.


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Re: Kairi, Princess of Heart

Post by Paleo Sora on Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:23 pm

Well, looks good to me. Approved.
Paleo Sora
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